Setup A Pellet Plant for Manufacturing Pellets from Bamboo

Lately, a "Bamboo Pellets Making Test" was done on behalf of our client from Malaysia on by our engineers. Take it for reference if you are planning to setup your own pellet plant for manufacturing pellets from bamboo. The bamboo chips used in this process had 25 to 30% moisture content. (ABC Machinery - Reliable Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Factory is always here to guide your bamboo pellets production and help you on equipment selection and operation detials.)

Bamboo Pellets Production Report

1. Bamboo Chips Crushing & Drying Process → 2. Making Pellets → 3. Bamboo Pellets Cooling

  • The bamboo chips were crushed and then dried.
  • Pelletizing was then done on the chips.
  • After cooling, the process yielded pellets weighing 2 tons.
bamboo pellet plant for making bamboo pellets
Bamboo Pellet Plant
bamboo pellets manufacturing plant
Bamboo Pellet Machines
bamboo pellets production factory
Bamboo Crushing and Drying Machine
bamboo pellets making process
Turn Bamboo into Biomass Fuel Pellets

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Bamboo Pellets Manufacturing Process

Generally, bamboo pellets can be made from stalks, leaves, and even bamboo powders or other bamboo products. These pellets have both residential and commercial applications. These raw materials are ground into powder before being pressed into pellets of between 6 and 12 mm. This is the same process used to make sawdust, wood, and rice husk pellets. 

bamboo wastes
Bamboo Wastes
crushed bamboo powder
Crushed Bamboo Powder
  • Bamboo Crushing and Drying

Crushing is done to break the chips or pieces into powder using a Hammer Mill. Dust and debris need to be removed from the raw materials before the crushing process begins. Drying is aimed at ensuring that the pellets have less than 10 percent moisture content. It done using a Rotary Dryer.

  • Pellets Making

During this process, the dry powder is compressed into pellets under high pressure and speed using a pellet mill or pellet press, also known as a bamboo pellet making machine.

bamboo pellets cooling machine
Pellets Cooling Machine
produced bamboo pellets
Biofuel Energy Pellets
  • Pellets Cooling & Storage

This is done immediately after the pellets are made. It helps lower their temperature after the pelletizing process and is also improves their quality and durability. Then the pellets are easy to store. They just need a dry storage area.

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Bamboo Pellet Benefits

  • They have as much heat value as coal (around 4800 kcal), and also more compact.
  • Bamboo pellets are a source of renewable energy, and are therefore a good alternative to traditional fuel sources like gas or coal. They can cut the cost of such energy sources, including electricity, by up to a half.
  • The pellets are light and easy to store. Therefore, their transportation is also easy.
  • The bamboo pellets also good for the environment because less than 1 percent of their content ends up being ash. They also have very little emissions as they burn.
  • Their breadth of uses is quite impressive. They can heat, cook, and even serve as fuel in steam furnaces. 

Bamboo Pellet Uses: They can be used as an environmentally-friendly source of biomass energy in heating and cooking. High nutritional content makes them suitable as animal feed, and this is enhanced by the fact that they are full of flavor and feature a crisp texture that animals love. They offer some healing benefits as medicinal extracts.

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