Fuel Pellet Machinery

Function: Fuel pellet machinery is also named as biomass or wood pellet machine. It is designed to make biofuel / biomass fuel pellets for burning.

Suitable Raw Materials: It can process various kinds of biomass raw materials such as wood, sawdust, straw, rice husk, bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, bagasse and alfalfa, etc. If you are not sure how your materials perform in pelleting, you can send us some sample of the material and we can help you test the pelletizing process and send you the final products.

Die-turned Pellet Mill >>

Application: Small pellet prodcution; homemade pellet process; Individual pelletizing uses.

Main Structure: While pelleting, the pellet die is rotatable and the roller is fixed. The driving gear is made of superior alloy steel. The gear surface processed via carburizing and quenching also has been fine-ground. Consequently, it embraces the advantages of steady transmission, low noise, excellent loading capacity, slow temperature rise, long service life and good pressure tolerance. It is featured with high productivity, movability, small size and low price, and these characteristics makes die-turned pellet machinery an ideal equipment for making wood fuel pellets at home for warming and cooking.

Roller-turned Pellet Mill >>

Application: Small to medium biomass pellet prodcution; Small wood pelletizing business;

Main Feature:  While pelleting, the roller is rotatable and the pellet die is fixed.The die compression ratio can be selected as per the specific material. Die service life can be prolonged if both sides of the die are used. The all-steel structure and the superior reducer inside can manufacture a variety of materials and will exert a better pelletization effect with lower noise during operation.

Ring Die Pellet Press >>

ring die pellet press

Application: Medium to large wood/sawdust pellet production; Large commercial pelleting process.

Main Feature:  Both the rollers and the ring die operate on the vertical axis, and therefore the inner and outer edges of the rollers cover the same distance across the surface of the die. Therefore no skipping occurs, which means the life of the rollers and die are considerably longer.

Mobile Pellet Plant >>

mobile pellet plant

Application: Large biomass pelletizing production.

Main Feature:  It is an integrated plant with pellet machinery and other supporting equipments. This mobile small pellet plant is an all-in-one unit being highly efficient for pressing biomass and wood fuel pellets.

Complete Wood Pellet Line >>

complete wood pellet line

Application: Large fuel pellet production; automated wood pelleting line.

Main Feature:  The productivity of wood pellet line is ajustable. GEMCO supply 250kg-350kg/h small pellet line, 1-4t/h medium scale wood pellet line and 5-6t/h large biomass pellet line. Feel free to contact us for detail informations. Complete pelletizing process mainly includes crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing. Each project or pellet making plan will be built according to customer request and raw material.

  • I have question regarding pellet market in China.
    I heard China now not imported wood pellet because oil and gas price down a lot, is it right?
    How is wood pellet factory in China going on?
  • Recently,we didn't clearly know the pellets market situations from your country Indonesia,but we have new customers from Southeast Asian markets,such as Malays,Vietnam. As far as I know,now some of our engineers are stay in Malaysia,Vietnam,Morocco,England to help our customers for installing. Meantime,some of our engineers just back to office from Ghana for installing. Hereby,I am enclosing you some pictures for your reference in mail. Kindly find in the attachment.
  • Please suggest list of 1TPH Wood Pellet Production Line. In Malaysia,the customer pellet lines were matched with 2 sets pellet machines,and the capacity about 3Tons/Hour. Besides, we will visit to your reference factory in China before we buy machinery from you .
  • Mr. Ibnu,your pellet line with one set BPM420 Ring Die Pellet Mill is a small project for us. To be frankly,we have many oversea customers pellet projects were matched with 2 sets,3 sets,4 sets,6 sets,...16 sets Ring Die Pellet Mills with large capacities. May I know when do you plan to visit us? Beside our factory,we will try to arrange you visit our domestic customer pellet line.
  • We are interested in a turn key 500Kg/Hr pellet plant.  We will be processing hardwood chips through packing the final product.
    Please send a detailed quote for the plant. - From United States
  • What's the size of hard wood chips? We need match suitable crushing system for you. And how many moisture of raw materials you will use? we need match suitable drying system by it. So that we can make the detailed quotation price sheet with the suitable equipments depending on your situation.

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