How to Run A Bamboo Pellet Machine Plant

How to Run a Bamboo Pellet Processing Plant
How to Run a Bamboo Pellet Processing Plant 

Bamboo is a raw material for biomass pellet fuel. It is a pellet fuel formed by high-pressure and low-temperature compression without any chemical additives after professional machinery and special processes. Bamboo pellet fuel has a high calorific value, is clean and pollution-free, and is a high-tech environmentally friendly product that replaces fossil energy.Therefore, the bamboo pellet processing plant has become a sunrise industry.

If you own a biomass pellet processing plant, this article will give you some suggestions on how to run your business well.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

1.Start a Bamboo Pellet Machine Plant Business Plan Regularly

When you want to manage a bamboo pellet processing plant well, you should first make regular plans to ensure the normal operation of your business.
The following are tips to pay attention to:
  • 1. Selection of raw materials
  • 2. Budget arrangement 
  • 3. Staff selection and scheduling 
  • 4. Purchase of processing machinery

 2.Analyze the Target Markets of Bamboo Pellet Machine

Global Biomass Pellet Production Growth Trend
Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Production tonnage (million tonne) 25.5 27 28 29 30
Analyzing the target market and users is an indispensable step for operating a bamboo pellet production plant. Through the analysis of the market, your factory can choose those sub-markets that can generate the greatest value and last for a period of time.

On the one hand, the huge market demand requires more manufacturers to produce bamboo pellet fuel. On the other hand, the shortage and limitations of fossil fuels require the emergence of new forms of energy.

Pellets market: In recent years, the bamboo pellet fuel market has risen sharply. Before mass production, Europe and North America accounted for the largest market share of wood and biomass pellets. The relationship between them is even more important, and it will exceed 9 million by 2010. When more and more manufacturers realized their economic and environmental benefits, production and trading in Latin America, Asia began to rise. At present, many reliable manufacturers, such as  ABC Machinery, can provide you with high-quality products and first-class services.

3.Selection of bamboo pellet production line

1TPH Bamboo Pellet Line Ghana
1TPH Bamboo Pellet Line Ghana
Choosing the most suitable machinery and equipment, choosing the most suitable supplier, and learning advanced technology are the most important steps for running a factory well.

Bamboo Pellet Processing Technology

Bamboo Pellet Production
Bamboo Pellet Production

Significance of machining process:

  • 1) The machining process is an important part of the mechanical production of product parts, which directly affects the smooth progress of the entire machining production process.
  • 2) The machining process can effectively monitor the safety factor of the machining process in all directions.
  • 3) Scientific and reasonable mechanical processing technology can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, thereby meeting processing requirements.

Selection of Bamboo Pellet Machine

Bamboo Pellet Machine by ABC Machinery
Bamboo Pellet Machine by ABC Machinery
The difference between the bamboo pellet machine and the wood pellet machine is that the mold is different, and the compression ratio of different raw materials is different. And choosing high-quality machinery and equipment is also a guarantee for your own products. 
ABC Machinery provides you with a more rational biomass pellet production process with fewer operators required. The whole customized pellet production line can be PLC control, which further reduces manpower investment.

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Video of Bamboo Pellet machine

After-sales maintenance of machinery

You must have professional technicians in your factory to repair the equipment, or communicate with the supplier. Once a mechanical failure is found, it is convenient for the equipment management technicians to check and repair in time, and quickly eliminate potential safety hazards.
ABC Machinery can pay site visits to your workshop, so that we can offer you better corresponding equipment and technological instruction.Just tell us your needs and requirements, we believe that we can offer the BEST solution to satisfy you!

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