Cat Litter Pellet Mills

If you are looking for the best plan for making waste paper into pellets for cat litter and other usage. You are in the right place! Below is one of our trial test for making paper pellets by use of our flat die pellet mill.Please contact us in order to obtain detailed information of our paper pellet machines and we are glad to support and help you.

Trial Test of Flat Die Pellet Mill for Paper Pellets

  • Trial Pellet Mill:  ZLSP150C  (5.5KW , 3 phase , 380V ,50HZ)
  • Material:  mixture of newspaper fibre and zeolite powder  (Without adding any binder for the two trial test )
  • Ratio of  fibre to zeolite: 1:1 ( 0.6KG  :  0.6KG)
  • Final product:  pellets (with some powder, because  at first the moisture is small )
newspaper zeolite mixuturer
Mixturer of Newspaper Fibre and Zeolite Powder
paper litter pellets
Newspaper Pellets

Because the quantity of material is small , we mixed the two material by hand (not use mixer), mixing enough is necessary , or else the fibre of newspaper will be lump ,which will result in jammed/stopped of pellet mill.The moisture of the material  you sent is smaller,  adding water is necessary for making pellets , we tried several times with different moisture content , the most suitable moisture finally is 15.5-16.5 %.

Send us your question or plan on pelletizing and we are always on hand to support you!

Cat Litter Pellet Mill for Sale

paper pellet mill
ZLSP 300C Pellet Mill

Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg)
ZLSP 150C Three phase 5.5kw 60-110 105/125
ZLSP 200C Three phase 7.5kw 80-120 210/230
ZLSP 230C Three phase 11kw 120-200 290/320
ZLSP 260C Three phase 15kw 160-250 340/370
ZLSP 300C Three phase 22kw 250-400 425/465

With the paper pellet mill, uniformity of pellets and precision is taken into account so as to avoid substandard pellets which might affect the pets negatively. Being efficient, the paper pellet mill can create different sizes and textures of pellets since it can take in as raw materials various ingredients including carton and paper. Of course, this might seem like going a long way when the homemade solution seems achievable and efficient. That depends on with the cat owner. How comfortable would one want the cat when it minds its own business, in this case, going for a call? Making cat litter pellets is necessary, and if looked at again, a worthy hobby.

Our group is specialized in biomass pelletizing machinery and briquetting equipment including crushing and drying machine, small pellet mill, industrial pellet mill and so on. We produce European standart quality machine. Both small pellet mill for individual use and large pellet mill for industrial use can process various biomass materials such as paper, straw, saw dust and cotton stalk. Quality machine and all around service made us become the best pellet manufacturing machine supplier in China.

Advantages of Paper Pellets for Cat Litter

Cat litter always has some odor; whether you are a parent to one of them or not  you must have experienced the smell at some point, and probably did not like it. There is a solution to that, however, and that is through the use of cat litter pellets. However some cat litter pellets cannot completely solve the odorless problem. Cat keepers can teach themselves how to make paper pellets for cat litter usage, ensuring that their cat environment is maintained to the required standards not only for the benefit of the cat, but the home. The good thing is that cats are patient animals and they will wait for the pellets you are preparing to get ready. And it does not seem in the least bothered by it. Cat litter can be irritating, yet the solutions common in the market do not see that efficient regarding providing a solution.

cat litter pellets
Cat Litter Pellets (Wood Pellets or Paper Pellets)

Paper cat litter is a good alternative of traditional here is how to make them without machine:

  • Shred the newspaper in the paper shredder and collect in one place;
  • Soak the paper in warm water then add to the warm water dish soap. The paper might not come completely clean and free of newspaper ink, but at least your consolation should be that the water turns gray;
  • Drain the water then repeat the soaking process minus the soap;
  • Sprinkle some baking soda onto the wet paper and work it into the mixture;
  • Ensure the remaining water is completely dry, preferably by squeezing it out;
  • Crumble the result over the screen and leave the residue to dry;

paper cat litter pellets
Paper Cat Litter (left is made by hand, right is made by pellet mill)

After the paper dries out completely, put about two inches into the litter box. Since this process is relatively simple, consider making large amounts of it at a go. The main disadvantage of this process is the little dust that results from shredding paper can be harmful and even lead to breathing complications in the long run. A cat litter pellet mill is, therefore, preferable.

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