Bamboo Pellet Mill

bamboo forest
Bamboo Forest
bamboo pellet production
Bamboo Pellet Production

Bamboo powder is becoming a popular raw material for making fuel pellets. Pellet making machine is needed to making pellets fuel from bamboo materials. Bamboo pellet mill machine has served Chinese people for decades, since there are abundant bamboo forest resources in southwestern China.  Actually, the resources of bamboo forest also scatter all around the world extensively. Bamboo has harsh demands for temperature and moisture. Bamboo is a kind of sensitive and evergreen plant. It grows best in the places with high temperature and rich water. So it has obvious characteristic of regional distribution. There are more than 1200 species of bamboo on the earth, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. You can also find bamboo in the temperate zone, but few in number. This is the reason why bamboo pellet extruder machine is becoming hot in international market in recent years.

bamboo pellets
Bamboo Pellets
bamboo powder pellets
Bamboo Powder Pellets

Southeast Asia has ideal ecological environment for bamboo and it is the center of bamboo distribution. It is hot near the equator and there is also abundant rainfall under the influence of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Monsoon. A lot of people in this area own bamboo forest. Bamboo pellet mill machine offer them a good way to handle the bamboo wastes and also bring them a great moneymaking opportunities. With pellet machine, they can make the best of bamboo wastes or residues into profitable pellets fuel.

biomass pellets

In early times, the material for making pellet fuel is just wood. With the market of biomass pellets expanding, the scope of pelletizing raw material is also enlarging. Now, riche husk, crop straw, stalks and other kinds of agricultural wastes are all suitable for fuel pellet mill.

Benefit From Bamboo Pellet Press Machine

Bamboo pellet press can bring a large amount of profits and benefits by make the use of bamboo resources. GEMCO Bamboo Pellet Press is featured with good adaptability, easy operation and maintenance. There is flat die pellet press for small scale pellet production and ring die pellet press for industrial pellet production. Both flat die type and ring die type is easy to use for greenhands.

small flat die bamboo pellet mill

D-type Pellet Machine & R-type Pellet Machine

If you want to start a small business on bamboo pellets or plan to make your own bamboo pellets fuel at home for self-use, flat die pellet making machine is what you need. It is cheap, small in size and simple in structure. If you want to start a industrial bamboo pellet production line, ring die pellet mill with can bring much more benefits is recommended.

Biomass pellets are convenient to store and transport. Pellet making industry will make great contribution to protecting the environment and promoting the development of renewable energy. Premium bamboo pellets is featured with high density and high thermal value. The key to make premium bamboo pellets is good raw material and high quality pellet making equipment.

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