Make Fuel Pellets From Horse Manure & Stable Wastes

With the advent of modern technology, living became fast-paced. People get to do scores of undertakings because of expedient machines. It is high time that people use these machines for organic outcomes. One particular example of this is the pellet machine.

horse manure and bedding wastes used for biomass pellets production line
Horse Stable / Barn Wastes

Numerous organic wastes can be used for fuel production because of a pellet machine,such as horse manure. However, the use of horse manure pellets as fuel does more harm than good. It is better to make horse manure as organic fertilizer. Next, this page will take you to analyze the horse manure pellets. If you are willing to learn some tips about horse manure making pellets machines or its fertilizer machines, Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Are Horse Manure Pellets Suitable for Fuel?

horse manure pellets vs wood pellets when burning
Horse Manure Pellets

Advantages: Small smell.We have experimented with making pellets out of horse barn wastes. Because the waste is dried first, it loses any urine smell. Also, during the making of the pellet, the heat encapsulates the pellet. When you burn the pellets, they smell like firewood burning.
Less pollution.Fuel pellets from horse manure and stable waste are as good as fuel oils. To boot, these pellets produce lower fuel emission and residues. People must start living organically not only to save the environment but to combat health risks brought about by using artificial products.

Disadvantages:Not easy to shape and high production cost. The water content in horse manure is very high, and it is not easy to form and burn into horse manure pellets, and cannot be collected. Usually, wood chips, straw, rice husk and other biomass fuel pellets are added to ensure that they become normal fuel pellets.

Therefore, due to cumbersome procedures and high cost, horse manure is not suitable as FUEL PELLETS , but horse manure is an excellent raw material for organic fertilizer.

Making Organic Fertilizer from Horse Manure Pellets or Stable Wastes

Horse Manure Organic Fertilizer
Horse Manure Organic Fertilizer

Horse manure is rich in organic matter and various nutrient elements needed by crops. It has a good effect on increasing crop yield and improving soil fertility. The horse manure has a coarser texture, which can effectively improve the properties of clay, and horse manure can also be used. Fermented in a biogas digester. When the horse manure is fermented into organic fertilizer, it is necessary to mix the fermentation agent, adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio, adjust the water content of the horse manure, build a pile of horse manure, mix well and ventilate the horse manure.

Horse Manure Organic Fertilizer Market
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Organic fertilizer equipment has a wide range of raw materials, including pig manurehorse manurecow manure, and chicken manure. We also have many successful cases, such as Ring Die type Manure Pellet Machine Ordered by Mexican Client
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Manure Dewatering Machine
Manure Dewatering Machine
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Manure Pellet Machine

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How to ferment horse manure into organic fertilizer

  • 1. Mix the fermentation agent: add 2 kg of bio-fertilizer fermentation broth to 1 square horse manure. Dilute the fermentation broth by 50-100 times with water when using it, and then evenly spray it on the horse manure.

  • 2. Adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of horse manure: keep the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the fermented fertilizer at 25~35:1, control the pH at 6-8, the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio of horse manure pellets at 12.7, You can  also add some straw and mushroom residue during fermentation. 

Horse Manure Pellet Fertilizer Process
Horse Manure Pellet Fertilizer Process
  • 3. Adjust the water content of horse manure pellets: In the process of fermenting organic fertilizer, the water content of horse manure pellets should be controlled. The water content should not be too high or too low, and it is appropriate to control it at about 60-65%.

  • 4. Horse manure pile construction: When the horse manure fermentation pile is not too small or too short, it will affect the fermentation. Generally, the height should be controlled at 1.5 meters, the width should be controlled at 2 meters, and the length should be controlled at about 2-4 meters. .

  • 5. Mixing and aeration: Fertilizer fermentation additives are oxygen-consuming microorganisms, so during the fermentation process, it is necessary to increase the amount of oxygen supply, do a good job of mixing, turning and aeration, otherwise it will affect the fermentation effect of horse manure.

  • 6. Fermentation completed: 48 hours after the horse manure is piled up, when the temperature rises above 65℃, the horse manure will be overturned once. Generally, there will be 2-3 times of high temperature above 65℃ during the fermentation process, and it needs to be overturned 2-3 times. Fermentation can be completed only one time, and fermentation is generally completed in about a week.

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