How to Start A Beech Wood Pellet Business?

Beech, the scientific name Fagus. Widely distributed in Asia, Europe, and North America, it is also one of the main species of temperate broad-leaved deciduous forests. Its fruit is also food for some small mammals. If you live around there is a lot of beechwood or other wood that is very suitable as fuel, such as oak, ash, etc. Then I suggest that you can build a wood pellet factory. The pellets are not only convenient for transportation, but also for storage. The demand for biomass fuel in the world is still enthusiastic. It is a profitable thing to build a biomass pellet factory. So how to build a wood production and processing plant for business purposes? 

Beech wood pellets made by wood pellet machines
Beech Wood Pellets

 If you are looking at investing in small scale biomass wood pellets plant as a start up business venture in your village. Would you like to get a free quotation for a complete small to medium scale “Beech wood pellets Manufacturing Plant”? To learn more about the advantages and uses of biomass pellet fuel, please get relax and contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Features of beech wood:   

Intensity The beechwood strength is medium
Durability The corrosion resistance of beech wood is weak or medium
Process characteristics Beech Wood is easy to cut, with a silver-white pattern on the diameter, good gloss after painting, and easy to glue

In addition to the characteristics of small elasticity, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, toughness, and high bearing capacity, beechwood dries slowly. It is prone to cracking, splitting, and warping during drying. Therefore, This wood is very suitable as a raw material for biomass fuel.

 How to Make Beech Wood Pellets for Fuel?

  • Crush the beechwood or other raw materials used in the process into wood chips. Then through the funnel-shaped die, the raw material will be forced out of the small hole of the die plate according to a fixed diameter, and finally, it will be compressed into dense particles.
  • The heat generated from compression and friction in this process can melt the lignin in the wood. As the pellet passes through the other end of the mold, it will slowly cool down. As the lignin cools, it can cement all the raw materials, resulting in hard and strong pellets.
  • Most of the pellets are produced in large pellet factories, but in recent years, small pellet factories have become more and more popular with households and small pellet companies. If you are considering producing pellets by yourself, the following is how to make wood pellets, and at the same time better teach you how to choose a high-quality pellet machine.

Production Process of Beech Wood Pellet

The main equipment of the sawdust pellet production line is the sawdust crusher-hammer mill-rotary dryer-sawdust pellet machine-particle cooler-sawdust pellet bagging machine.

Complete flow chart of beech wood pellet production
Complete Flow Chart of Beech Wood Pellet Production Line

  •  Wood Chipping Secton (Wood Chipping Machine) cuts beech wood into wood chips for easy grinding and crushing.
  • Grinding section (hammer mill) crushes wood chips into sawdust/powder.
  •  The drying section (rotary dryer) dries the raw materials to suitable moisture to produce high-grade pellets. Finished product moisture: 10-15%
  • Granulation section (wood pellet machine)  This step is the most critical step. The crushed and dried sawdust is pressed into pellets. Here are a few engineering cases:1TPH Wood Pellet Production Process In Italy   and 1TPH Wood Pellet Production Plant In UK  Here is a detailed introduction to the steps of the wood pellet production line, please understand.
  • Finished particles: 4-12mm. (Asian market standard: 8mm; European market standard: 6mm)
  • Cooling section (particle cooler) Cool the high temperature pellets before packaging. The finished pellets are very hot (60-80ºC) and release moisture when they leave the pellet machine.
  • Packing section (bagging machine for sawdust pellets) Pack the pellets into 20-50kg/bag or 1 ton bag. Easy to transfer to the end user's site.

Complete  Beech Wood Pelleting Equipment Running Video

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