What is the Purpose of Crushing Waste Wood into Sawdust Pellets?

Waste wood is more common in villages and wood production plants. In order to save energy and protect the environment, these waste woods are often recycled. Because biomass fuel contains low sulfur and phosphorus, the combustion chamber produces almost no toxic gas, so it will not cause acid rain. It pollutes the atmosphere and does not pollute the environment. Besides, it is a new energy that is worth recommending in contemporary times.

Sawdust Pellets Made by Biomass Wood Pellet Machine
Sawdust Pellets

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Biomass Fuel Pellets from Sawdust

Wood waste can be made into pellets by crushing it into sawdust. Nowadays, we do not advocate the use of coal that can cause air pollution. Therefore, after crushing wood waste into sawdust, it can be pressed into biomass pellets, which not only turns waste wood into waste for recycling.  And the pellets made can also replace coal for heating.

The raw materials of biomass pellets are peanut shells, straws, wood chips, rice husks, corn stalks, bark, etc. 

Biomass pellets are used for cold compacting and processing of crushed biomass straws, forestry wastes and other raw materials under normal temperature conditions using pressure rollers and ring molds. The density of the raw material is generally 0.1-0.13kg/m3, and the density of the formed particles is 1.1-1.3kg/m3, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and greatly improves the combustion performance of biomass.

Sawdust Pellets Production Line for Sale

Are you worried about the leftovers left by the wood processing plant? Due to the large accumulation of wood, the local environment is seriously polluted, and a large amount of wood dust may also cause fires and other problems. In order to enable wood chips to be used as waste, traditional wood chip processing methods are generally used: the high pressure of the machine is used to produce combustible wood chips. Sawdust processing requires workers to perform screening operations. A large amount of sawdust fly dust and long-term work by outside processors will cause great damage to the respiratory system. In order to solve this problem, the following pellet molding machine is recommended.

Hot sale high quality sawdust  flat die pellet machine
sawdust  flat die pellet machine
sawdust flat die roller-turned pellet machine
 Flat Die Roller-turned Pellet Machine for Sawdust
Vertical Ring Die Sawdust Pellet Machine for Sale
Vertical Ring Die Sawdust Pellet Machine
Cost Efficiency Sawdust Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Single Machine
Sawdust Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Single Machine

It realizes full automation of mechanical processing, and also realizes one-stop service of filtration, mixing, and cooling.

The machine can automatically produce particles, which can directly reduce labor costs, increase the screening system, avoid direct manual contact with the wood chips, and ensure the safety of workers. The formed wood chips will pass through the conveyor system to reach the designated location. Shorten the working hours of the machine. The wood pellets have been tested by experts and will not produce pollutants such as sulfur dioxide in the fuel, which is lower carbon and environmentally friendly than the combustion of coal.

Sawdust Pellets Production Processing Video

Other Applications of Sawdust

Waste wood crushed into sawdust can also be used as raw material for organic fertilizer. The raw material of organic fertilizer contains sawdust. Therefore, crushed wood waste into sawdust can also be used as raw material for organic fertilizer. In addition, sawdust can also be used as flower feed and pet bedding. Sawdust board and other raw materials.

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