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ABC Machinery is dedicated in offerring turn key pelletizing and briqeutting solutions from designing, installing to commissioning and maintenance.We seek success as much as you do. The more profit you earn, the more reputaion we earn. Win-win situation! This is how we do business. We are not just selling products, we are selling you a brighter and greener future.

BEST Pellet Machine for Different Biomass Materials

Sawdust, branches, wood shavings, straw, rice husk, grass, waste paper, EFB Palm fiber, alfalfa, bagasse, coconut shell, bamboo powder, peanut shell…are all biomass materials. All of these materials are suitablefor making biomass pellets. Raw material moisture control is the key tomake high quality pellets. Higher or lower moisture can both affect thequality and output of the pellet production. Different raw materials havedifferent requirement on water content. Generally speaking, the moisturecontent should between 14% and 18%. But you are recommended to adjust thisvalue a bit by testing your chosen material for two or three times.

Click the pictures below to find out how different materials are pressed into pellets and what kind of pellet mill machine is needed to produce different kinds of biofuel pellets.

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I have opened up all the crates and installed them. I am very pleased with all the machinery you sent.

I am especially pleased with the pellet mill.. From the packaging crate, the protective wrapping, the spare parts individually wrapped, the tools, and the appearance of the is how I would always like to recieve merchandise.

——Tim Kamarianakis from Greece

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Please provide us with project information as much as possible:

  • For a complete project: the material availability,the required output capacity,the process technology,your budgetary and financing status,the estimated starting time,etc.
  • For singular machinery: the model,the capacity,your budgetary information,other requirements,etc.
  • For spare parts: size and dimensions,material and weight,and your drawings with details,you can send the drawing to

Detailed information is greatly helpful for us to give you the best-customized offer/quotation at the soonest time.

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