Mini Feed Plant Assembling Set

mini feed plant assembling set for small feed production

This mini animal feed assembling set is specially designed for farmers and individuals. This small set of feed pellet plant is feartured of convenient operation, stable performance and high market share. It is the the most hot sale product in our company, has sold to many countries and regions. It is consisted of screw conveyor, mixer, and ring die type pellet machine. The main parameter of the mini feed plant is listed as below:

Capacity 600~1000kg per hour
Power of Pellet Machine 22KW
Power of Mixing Machine 2.2KW
Power of Conveyor 0.75KW
Diameter of Produced Feed Pellets φ1.5~φ8mm
Diameter of Pellet Die φ250mm


What Kind of Feed Can be Processed?

fish, poultry, bird, cattle feed pellets
Manufacturing Pigeon Feed, Poultry Feed, Cattle Feed and Fish Feed

This unit is widely applied to processing various kinds of animal feed including poultry, cattle and fish, etc. Just tell us your raw materials and we can offer testing service for free and send back the processing video and finished feed photos if you need!

Details of the Small Feed Plant Unit

mini feed plant for manufacturing poultry feed pellets in small scale
Side View of the Mini Feed Production Unit

mini poultry feed plant for small feedstuff processing line
BPM 250 Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are planning for making your own animal feed products or feel interested to know more about our feed plant assembling set! We can offer customized feed processing solutions based on your specific needs. We are always glad to serve you!

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Processing Video of the Small Feed Processing Unit

Just view the video below to see how the mini animal feed plant assembling set works and then decide whether to order it!

Classification of Feedstuff

  • Roughage: The content of crude fiber in dry matter is more than 18%, such as hay, crude slag, agricultural products, leaves, etc.
  • Green Feed: Rich in chlorophyll, natural moisture above 60%, non-starch root fruits, leaves.
  • Silage: Green fodder processed through silage.
  • Energy Feed: feed with less than 18% crude fibre and less than 20% crude protein in dry matter. Such as cereals, roots, tubers, melons, bran.
  • Mineral Feed: Constant and trace mineral elements such as stone powder, salt, iron sulfite, zinc sulfate, etc.
  • Vitamin Feed: synthetic vitamin supplements, excluding natural feeds such as carrots.
  • Additives: Additives with special purpose. All feed additives added to compound feed with trace amounts of additives, excluding mineral feed, vitamin feed.

Compound feed is manufactured according to modern nutrition principles, based on different species of livestock and poultry, different physiological stages, different production purposes, different feeding methods and different nutrient requirements. Besides, feed production also depends on feed resources, raw material price and characteristic. Feed pellets are a kind of cylindrical feed produced in feed pellet machine by mechanically compacting and pressing single or mixture feedstuff through the pellet die holes. Its purpose is to turn fine feedstuffs to uniform pellets with the help of heat, moisture and pressure.

poultry, cattle, pet and fish feed processing equipment

Feed plant mixes a variety of feed ingredients and additives in a certain proportion, and made them into well-distributed which can be used to feed animal directly or used for special-purpose. The formulation ratio of various feed ingredients and additives for processing feed is called feed formulation.

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