3TPH Biomass Pellet Plant Built in Italy

One of our biomass pellet plant project has finished construction. It is a 2~3 ton per hour complete production line for making biofuel pellets from chestnut wood, including process of crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing. PLC system is also included in the pellet plant. 

Automatic Biomass Pellet Plant Equipment

View the following photos to know more about the plant and equipment.

full scale biomass pellet plant under constructing
Pellet Plant Under Constructing

drying equipment of the industrial biomass pellet production
Crushing and Drying Equipment

pellet mill drying section
Drying and Dedusting Equipment

biomass pellet mill equipment for hard wood sawdust
Ring Die Pellet Mill
biomass pellets cooling and packing machine
Biomass Pellets Cooling and Packaging Machines

inquire about the price and cost

Biomass Pellet Plant Equipment and Cost

As a result of the current economic changes there is an elevated quest to seek alternative sources of energy in order to save on expenses and conserve the environment. In this case, wood pellets are considered as one of the most common type of fuel compared to gas, oil and coal just a few but to mention. This has motivated a number of entrepreneurs to start their own pelleting projects. However, most of the entrepreneurs face challenges of using their own expenses. This triggers the question: How much it could cost to build wooden pellet plant.

Selection Of Appropriate Equipment

In this case an entrepreneur is basically expected to calculate the feedstocks. Pellet is a combination of a variety of units, each unit has its own functions. That is to say that every type of pellet equipment is designed to process a certain raw material. It is of essence to acknowledge that each feedstock is accompanied with different processing procedures. For instance, there are different processing ratios for softwood or hardwood material. Keeping this mind can help in the selection of the right type of equipment needed. (Rlated Product: Ring Die Pellet Mill for Sale)

Size Of Raw Material

biomass raw materials for making fuel pellets

Another vital factor to be considered is the size of raw material. It is important to note that the size of raw material can affect the costs. In a broad stretch large sized raw material cannot be processed by the pellet. Hence it is good to get a grind that can grind large raw material like logs. Therefore the cost of the grind mill should be included the calculations.

Increase in Pellets Demand

An increase of the pellets should be taken into account. This is because an increase in number of pellets shall culminate into a great demand for new equipment and workshop. Hence this will increase the cost and it should be placed in the calculations. (Related Product: Mini Pellet Plant)

high quality wood pellets manufactured from bagasse, sawdust, husks

Moisture Content of Raw Material

The price of raw material in most occasions depends on the moisture content. Hence an increase in the figure creates a significant increase in the expenses that come with production of pellets. This is because of other procedures such as drying. However, you can opt to use recovered wood which is cheaper than virgin fiber in terms of prizes. Therefore, it is essential for an entrepreneur to calculate expenses on raw materials.

Other Factors

An entrepreneur is expected to include other factors such as the use of energy which goes for approximately $10 per tonne. The cost of maintenance and recycle will sum up to around $5 per tonne. Total cost of biomass pellet line construction depends on the region. Another factor to put into consideration is labor, which relies on the size of plant available. There are also other additional capital cost which includes grinding on site and pellet storage which might cost up to 5 million.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

In summation, it is essential to include other factors in the calculations since they play immense roles in the costs of biomass pellet plant equipment. They have a great impact on both the feedstock price and the type of apparatus that are required. Hence it is great to acknowledge the factors which might be crucial in order to come up with the cost required to build a wood pellet plant.

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