Pelleted Pig Feed Making Machine Arrived in Nigeria

Lately, a complete pelleted pig feed making machine has arrived in Nigeria. This unit of feed processing machine is ordered for produce pig feed pellets. Before delivery, our client had come to our factory for a visit. In the visit, she is very satisfied with the whole feed production line, and also pleased at the pelletizing result. The following are some photo took during the visit.

It is a complete unit of pig feed making equipment which includes feed crushing machine, feed mixing machine, pellet machine, pellets cooler and conveyors.

Machines for Making Pig Feed Pellets

pig feed making machine
Pig Feed Production Line at Factory Price
pig feed mixing machine
Pig Feed Mixing Machine Included in the Feed Plant
pig feed pellet machine for sale
Pig Feed Pellet Machine in Operation

Application: Processing and manufacturing swine feed, pig feed, hog feed.

The feed size and nutrition requirements are different in different growth stages. The pellet size produced by this set of pellet machine is adjustable to make feed for piglets​, growing or finishing pigs​. This small feed production machine is very popular in pig farm or hoggery.

Common Pig Feed Ingredients

  • Cereals / Grain: Corn, sorghum, millet, rice bran, etc;

  • Proteins Supplement: Fishmeal, bone meal, oilseed cake (such as soybean meal, rapeseed cake and cottonseed cake), etc.

  • Other Additives: Sweeteners, vitamins, spices, molasses, mineral elements, etc.

Tips: Before buy equipment for making pig feed pellets, you are recommend to come up with your main feed formula first. So the feed mill manufacturer can tailor-made the pellet die to ensure the best pelletizing result.

Video: How to Make Pelleted Pig Feed?

Start Pig Feed Processing Business in Nigeria

If you interested in making your own pig feed, or starting your pig feed processing business to earn money, it is necessary to know about the feed processing technology and equipment. Whenever you need help on starting animal feed mill plant, or want more details such as customized project plan, equipment list and price, production cost or construction details, don't hesitate to contact us!

pig feed making process
Pig Feed Making Process for 500-1000kg/h Production
low cost pig feed processing plant
Main Machinery for Starting Animal Feed Processing Plant

Main Pig Feed Manufacturing Processes

  • Moisture Adjustment: The moisture content of feed materials should be around 10-12%. Drying machine is adopted in commercial feed production of medium or large scale.
  • Crushing: Crush the grain or other big particles to get better pelletizing result and improve the production efficiency.
  • Mixing: Mix all the feed materials according to your feed formula.
  • Pelletizing: Feed the formulated feed mixture into feed pellet mill to press them into pellets.

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Raising pigs in Nigeria is a profitable business endeavor since Nigeria’s economy mainly depends on the agricultural products or agribusiness. Pig farming business can not only meet the economic needs, but also improve the living standards of people in Nigeria.

invest in pig feed production business
Invest in Pig Feed Production

Pig Feeding Industry in ​Nigeria

Raising pigs in Nigeria is good for making a profit. And the reason for this is that the period that the pigs reproduce is faster than any other livestock. Two times a year, a sow give birth to at least 10 piglets and sometimes more. And to think that the gestation period in only less than 115 days or less than 4 months. So, even if you begin your pig farm with a small number of pigs, you can have a large scale, commercial pig production in a very short time. The good thing about having a pig farm in Nigeria is that its geographical location and climate is ideal for pig growth. You don't have to invest much to start a pig farm and in a matter of time, you will get a great return of investment.

Having pig farms in Nigeria is beneficial to the health of the people. Because of the lack of protein in their diet, people have become malnourished. The protein from animals is very essential to nutrition and growth. So, if pigs are raised commercially, there will be plenty of meat available which can meet the protein needs of the people. With pig farming, we can expect healthier people in the country.

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