Diesel Wood Pellet Mill

GEMCO is now the leading pellet mill machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We have specialized in biomass energy making machine for at least 3 decades. We can provide various Wood Pellet Mill and Wood Pellet Production Line to meet customer's different requirements. If you are now bothered by how to choose the right wood pellet machine, please contact us for professional guidances. 

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Machine
Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Machine

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill is designed with diesel engine as the power supply. It has small, simple and compact structure, so it is convenient to move. GEMCO independently develop two types of Diesel Pellet Mills to help you starting a wood pellet business - Diesel Die-turned Wood Pellet Mill and Diesel Roller-turned Wood Pellet Mill. (You may also like PTO Wodd Pellet Mill )

Die-Turned Type Wood Pellet Mill

Diesel Wood Pellet Mill Machine
Diesel Wood Die Turned Pellet Mill

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 150A 8 50-100 180/220 1000x500x750
ZLSP 200A 15 80-120 210/240 1460x750x900
ZLSP 230A 22 120-200 280/310 1560x850x1000
ZLSP 260A 30 160-250 330/360 1200x500x1070
ZLSP 300A 55 250-400 410/450 1220x600x1000

The die-turned wood pellet mill with diesel engine is specially designed for wood chips. The maximum output can 250-400kg /H per hour. (Related Machine: Flat Die Pellet Mill>>)

Die-turned type pellet Mill Features

  • Scientific and reasonable structure design allows simple operation, small floor area and low noise
  • Dry - in - dry - out production make it easy to make pellets and ensure the high output and low energy consumption
  • It has high particle forming rate and the pellets produced has high hardness and smooth surface, which is convenient for storage and transportation
  • The machine is equipped with a variety of aperture molds of 2.5-10mm, which are suitable for granulating different materials  and to achieve the best pelletizing effect
  • Simple operation and less maintenance, safe and reliable

Roller-Turned Type Wood Pellet Mill

Diesel Wood Roller Turned Pellet Mill Machine
Diesel Wood Roller Turned Pellet Mill Machine

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 200A 15 80-120 320/350 1460x950x1100
ZLSP 300A 41 250-350 850/890 2480x700x1100
ZLSP 400A 55 350-450 1010/1050 2600x800x1300
ZLSP 420A 62 400-600 1200/1250 2640x700x1500

Roller-Turned Pellet Mill Advantages

  • It adopts diesel engine design, so it can meet the needs of mobile production. At the same time, it is convenient for users who do not have three-phase electricity conditions to use.
  • Pellet diameter can be arbitrarily selected from 6-12mm, pellets length can be adjusted
  • It can meet the large demand of customers for commercial biological pelletizing.
  • Body casting, solid structure and beautiful appearance, long service life, strong adaptability to work.
  • The appearance is solid, the movement is simple and convenient, the output is high, the energy consumption is low. Simple operation, safe and reliable.

Raw Materials Suitable for Making Wood Pellets

Raw Materials And Pellet For Wood Pellet Machine
Raw Materials And Pellet For Wood Pellet Machine

Roller-turned diesel driven pellet mill is a green energy equipment designed for small wood pellet manufacturing business by the R&D staff of GEMCO. The output can reach 450kg/h. It is suitable for pressing various biomass raw materials such as miscellaneous wood, pine wood, straw, bamboo chip, peanut shell, etc. (Related Post: Sawdust Pellet Mill >>)

Diesel Wood Pellet Making Machine Working Video

Wood Pellet Mill Manufacturer & Supplier

Diesel Engine Driven Wood Pellet Machine for Sale At Factory Price
Diesel Engine Driven Wood Pellet Machine for Sale At Factory Price

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