Buy Poultry Feed Processing Machine at Best Price in Pakistan

Investment Potential for Starting a Livestock and Poultry Feed Pellet Processing Business in Pakistan

It is estimated that 30-35 million laborers are currently engaged in livestock and poultry farming in Pakistan, making it a major source of income for farmers. Driven by market demand, Pakistan's livestock sector has grown rapidly in recent years.

Start Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Business in Pakistan
Invest A Poultry Feed Processing Business in Pakistan

The poultry feed pellet machine is ideal for home use and profitable business and can efficiently and quickly press raw materials such as maize, soya bean meal, straw, grass and rice hulls into pellets as a feed processing machine. If you are planning to purchase a high-quality poultry feed pellet mill, ABC Machinery is the best choice for you!

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What Are the Factors That Determine the Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Price?

In recent years, with the development of the farming industry, an increasing number of investors intend to establish their own feed pellet plants, and the market demand of feed pellet manufacturing for poultry and livestock is growing. Then how much does it cost to buy a feed pellet mill? What are the factors that determine the price of pellet mill equipment?

1. Poultry Feed Pellet Processing Equipment Producers and Suppliers

It is widely known that established pellet machine manufacturers, with well-known brands and a good reputation, charge a premium compared to lesser-known ones due to the expensive materials and manufacturing costs. However, even with a price disparity, the quality, customer service, and performance of the feed pellet processing equipment can still be guaranteed. (Related News: Business Visit to Nigeria for Poultry Animal Feed Plant)

Furthermore, the price of poultry feed pellet mills is closely related to where it is manufactured. Production Cost as well as its demand and the price accepted by buyers, may vary in different areas depending on local government regulations. For example, the expenditure for a small-scale flat-die feed production line in China is approximately US$12,000, whereas the same in the United States would be about US$15,000.

2. Production Cost

Many farmers are unaware that the cost of materials used in the development and production of commercial or domestic poultry feed pellet mills also has a direct impact on the positioning of the machine, as in the case of ABC Machinery's pellet mills, which are high-end equipment, and the quality of the machines produced by ABC Machinery is ensured. (Read More: Setting up A Poultry Feed Pellet plant in India)

3. Models and Output

ABC Machinery's animal feed pellet mills are available in both flat and ring die models, offering a wide range of small, medium and large feed pellet mills to satisfy the needs of farmers with varying production capacities, and can be customized to suit your feed processing needs. Single pellet mill equipment and supporting equipment, some farmers need a large daily output, in order to save manpower, choose to use complete sets of equipment. Single equipment and complete sets of equipment prices are different.

Factory Price Mini Poultry Feed Pellet Making Equipment for Sale
Factory Price Mini Poultry Feed Pellet Making Equipment for Sale
Poultry Feed Pellet Processing Production Line
500~1000Kg/h Poultry Feed Pellet Processing Production Line
Single Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Machinery at Low Cost
Single Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Machinery at Low Cost
Cost Effective Ring Die Industrial Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Line
Cost-effective Ring Die Industrial Poultry Feed Pellet Manufacturing Line
Part of Ring Die Feed Pellet Processing Machines Parameters
(Main Motor)
Output Inner Diameter of Ring Die
BPM 25C 22kw 1-2 t/h 250mm
BPM32B 37kw 2-5 t/h 320mm

In short, there are many factors that affect the price of feed pellet mill, machine brand, yield size, type, configuration, etc. It is recommended that if you are a new user, compare the quality of the machine and the after-sales service before making a purchase.

What is the Investment Cost and Profit of a Poultry Feed Pellet Production Plant in Pakistan?

  • - Cost of feed pellet mill equipment: choose according to the size of capacity combined with your own needs; where the order of equipment for 1 ton/h pellet feed production unit from left to right is feed grinder, mixer, screw conveyor, silo, feed pelleting machine, cooling machine etc.

  • - Working costs: site rental, labour and utilities

  • - Handling costs: the exact amount each customer needs to invest needs to be determined according to the actual situation and demands of the customer.

Working Video: 1Ton/hour Poultry or Livestock Feed Pellet Production

If you are planning to buy a poultry feed pellet mill, we are the best choice for you. We have a wide range of types and models to suit all specific requirements. In addition, we can offer the best prices that are competitive in the international market and ensure machine quality and productivity. If you are interested, please contact us for the latest price list and machine parameters!



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