ZLSP 150B Feed Mill

Feed Mill Parameters

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Type: ZLSP 150B
Driven by: Electric Motor
Power: Three phase 4
Output: 90-120 kg/h
Weight: 95/110 kg
Package Size: 800x450x700
Application: Widely used for making chicken, duck, fish, cattle, pig and other kinds of poultry & livestock animal feed pellets.

ABC Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of feed mill machinery. This one of our small feed mill equipment based on flat die design, featured of small size, and high chicken feed production output. Flat die chicken feed mill is more suitable for make your own feed pellets at home or on farm. 

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Basic Feed Milling Process: Raw Feed → Mash Feed → Pelleted Feed 

There are different types of small animal feed pellet mill for sale with diesel engine, electric engine and gasoline engine. If you own a tractor, you can consider about buying a PTO pellet mill, which has no engine and can be driven by the engine of tractor. Click here to see more detials of electric feed mills >>

How To Make High Quality Chicken Feed Pellets?

Feed quality is very important for the sustainable development of the feed industry, whether you want to start small scale chicken feed processing business or establish an industrial scale chicken feed mill plant. So we should strictly control the various feed manufacturing processes, choose the right storage method and make the feed production develop towards a healthy and sustainable direction. Now, let's talk about how to establish a small scale feed pellet mill and the main factors for processing premium poultry feed.

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Electric Driven Small Feed Pellet Machine

Pellet feed can better provide the nutrients needed to raise chicken and other animals for their healthy development and growth. It is produced through the process of raw material receiving, crushing, mixing, granulating (including conditioning, cooling), packaging. There is something you need to know to make high quality chicken feed pellets by poultry feed making machine. For famers, high quality feed means making the chicken health and help the chicken grow fast. So the key part is choosing the most suitable raw material and feed machine for making feed pellets. Take both cost and nutrition into consideration when determining the feed formula. Then, after crushing and mixing, feed the fodder mixture into your poultry feed mill equipment.

How to start a Chicken feed mill plant?

The basic process of complete feed milling factory and related equipments are listed as below. The production output of feed manufacturing plant adopting the following process design can reach 2ton per hour. Welcome to tell us about your capacity needs and other requirements, then we can help you make a customzied project plan and determine the exact equipment price and project cost.

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Equipment for Complete Poultry Feed Mill Plant (600kg~2ton/h)

The essence of livestock production is the process by which animals convert nutrients in feed into animal products. The higher the efficiency of feed conversion, the more products provided by animals. Conversely, feed conversion is lower. The quality and quantity of feed play a decisive role in the level of feed conversion efficiency. In the process of livestock & poultry feed production, the reason for pressing the feed into pellets is that pelleted feed has the characteristics of high feeding efficiency, stable nutrient composition, and high digestion and absorption. Don't hesitate to contact us to get more details of process design, equipment selection, and poultry feed mill plant cost!

Small Scale Poultry Feed Plant Project Display

low cost poultry feed mill plant
complete poultry feed mill plant
Small Feed Mill Plant for Sale (1ton/h)

Reasonable formula is an important guarantee to improve the quality of feed pellets and reduce the feed production cost. As feed mill or farm, in order to make compound feed quality and cheap, should be at great expense to obtain a good formula. Good feed formula should meet the following requirements, that is, raw materials easy to obtain, reasonable process design, to achieve the prescribed nutritional indicators, in line with health standards, reasonable price, and good feeding effect. (Read more about livestock feed manufacturing business >>)

Besides, the quality of feed ingredients is closely related to the quality of final feed pellets. At present, from the perspective of reducing feed production costs, many enterprises pay more attention to feed formulations, and often do not pay enough attention to the quality of feed ingredients. A good feed formula without high quality raw materials, it is impossible to process high quality chicken feed. Any other questions about poultry feed processing technology, don't hesitate to contact us for help!

Quality of Poultry Feed Ingredients

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The quality of feed ingredients is determined by three aspects:

  • Sensory Indicators such as color, smell, feel, caking, wetness, mildew, insects, impurities, etc.
  • Nutritional ingredients, such as water, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, essential amino acids, nitrogen-free extracts, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  • Health Indicators: Ensure there are no toxic substances, pesticide residues and harmful elements in the feed ingredients.

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