PTO Feed Machine

poultry feed pellets manufacturing machine for small production
Bird Feed, Poultry Feed, Livestock Feed, Fish Feed

PTO Feed Mill & Tractor Powered Animal Feed Mill Machinery - PTO feed mill for sale, driven by tractor power. This type of tractor powered feed mill machinery is specially designed for making feed pellets for poultry and other animals.

Parameters of PTO Feed Mill

tractor powered feed mill for making poultry feed and cattle feed
Tractor Powered Feed Mill

Type Power (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
ZLSP 150P ≥8Hp 90-120 105/125 900x540x1020
ZLSP 200P ≥15Hp 200-300 210/230 1000x540x1020
ZLSP 230P ≥22Hp 300-400 290/320 1000x540x1020
ZLSP 260P ≥30Hp 400-600 340/370 1050x540x900
ZLSP 300P ≥55Hp 600-800 425/465 1100x540x1000

We provides quality feed processing equipments and service to the agricultural and aquaculture industry, based on professinal service and customizing ability.

small poultry feed pellet mill for sale at factory wholesale price
Shaft Used to Connect Tractor
tractor powered animal feed pellet mill packing details
Packing Details

PTO animal feed mill (tractor-powered feed mill) can be driven by tractor. Compared with feed mill machinery driven by disesel, motor or gasoline, PTO feed mill is the most special one. It is designed with a power take off system and this makes it small in size, flexible and portable. You can make poultry feed pellets anywhere you want and don’t need to consider of power supply. Due to these features, PTO type feed machinery is more welocmed on farms.

Why Buy GEMCO PTO Poultry Feed Mill?

  • Powered by tractor makes it particularly suitable for making feed pellets in the open air such as on the farm.
  • For its compact structure, our PTO feed machienry is most flexible among all kinds of small feed mill.

feed mill for poultry feed processing
Processing Various Fodder Materials for Different Animals

The aim of GEMCO feed mill manufacturer is providing excellent products and best service. If you are interested in our products or have any doubt about making animal feed, feel free to contact us! Buy feed mills from GEMCO and you can enjoy both productive and efficient ! All our equipments have passed ISO and CE certification. You are sure to enjoy excellent service and perfect quality of pelletizing equipment!

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