Biomass Pelleting Machine for Pine Wood Delivered to Armenia

Recently, a set of R-type ZLSP 200B Small Biomass Pelleting Machine was manufactured and delivered to one of our customer in Armenia. He bought this machine for making pellets from pine wood sawdust. (Related Production: Product List of R-type Pellet Mill)

  • Type: ZLSP200B
  • Driven by: Electric Motor
  • Power: Three phase 7.5
  • Output: 80-120 kg/h
  • Weight: 215/245 kg
  • Package Size: 950x450x1050mm

Goods Inspection Photos

This series of small pellet machine are equipped with auto lubrication system. The following photos were took during the goods inspection before shipping.

small biomass pelleting machine for making pellets at home
Before Packing

back side of the biofuel pelleting machine for sale at factory price
Back Side of the Pellet Machine

pellet making machine with auto lubrication system
Details fo the Auto Lubrication System

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The Biomass Pelleting Machine Price is Decreasing

When it comes to purchasing a small pelleting machine or pellet mill, the biggest concern people have is the price. GEMCO – the brand of ABC Machinery is a well-known brand for having high-quality products, with a big variety of models. That's why it is rated as one of the best in the industry.

mobile pelleting plant for mini pellets production business
Mini Movable Pelletizing Unit for Sale

We have a great announcement to make, from today on, GEMCO prices have Decreased! This happened because we made it possible for GEMCO to give our customers the prices they deserve. We want to provide for our new and old customers high-quality pellet machines at low prices. Our prices will not be the lowest on the market, setting a certain price for our pelleting machines is a complex process and it has many factors. (Related Prodcut: Machines for Making Pellets from Sawdust)

Factors that Influence the Biomass Pellet Machine Price

  • Materials Used: If it were for our products to be made out of low-quality materials, then, obviously, the prices would be lower. We do things differently than other pellet machine manufacturers, the materials we use are high-quality. A good example is the pressing die and main shaft of machine, they are made by using 4Cri4Cr13, this one contains more Cr and it has a greater resistance, not like other manufactures that use low intensity 45# steel instead, that is less resistant. In order to make high-quality pellets, we need to use high-quality machines and materials.
  • Technology Used for Processing: Vacuum heat treatment is used for processing the roller, the pressing die, the main and roller shaft. This type of treatment does not cause damage or any kind of distortions on the surface of the parts. Very often, the lifespan of the parts is prolonged with the help of the vacuum heat treatment.
  • Labor Cost: In the last few years, the labor cost in China has increased. Besides that, all of our workers, from the ones that are operating the processing facilities to the ones that are assembling the pellet machines, are experts with a great experience in the industry. Even more, the technology and overall quality of our pellet machines is constantly improving due to the research made by our engineers. As a result of all this, our labor cost is higher than the labor cost of small workshops.
  • Market Demand: In the beginning, when the wood pelleting machines were introduced on the market for the first time, there were a few manufacturers and also a few customers. During that period, the prices were high. Slowly, people started to use pellet machine even more, so manufacturers produced in mass, and the prices lowered. Today, the supply and demand are higher than ever, that means prices are a lot lower. One thing that needs to be considered is that prices may vary a little because of the changing market, there are peak seasons and off-seasons for the pellet mill industry.

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ABC Machinery has a great deal of hardwood & softwood pelleting machines orders per month, that's why GEMCO wants to offer some price discounts as an appreciation for our clients. This is the time for you to benefit from this! Contact us to know the latest price list of our pellet mill right now!

Congratulations that GEMCO and KMEC are joined-ventured as ABC Machinery (Anyang Best Complete Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd)!read more