Advanced Small Biomass Pellet Machine Exported to Thailand

One of our old client in Thailand reordered a set of ZLSP-R 300B Biomass Pellet Machine. This time, he required to paint the machine with green color. He said that green is more popular in local Thailand. View the photos below to see the small biomass pellet machine with customized color.

biomass pellet machine for home use and farm use
Goods Inspection

small sized biomass pellet machine packing
Being Packing

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Biomass Pellet Machines for Sale

Our flat die pellet machines have two variants of die and roller assembly: the Rotating-Die variant and Rotating-Roller variant. Rotating-Roller type is a updated version of Rotating-Die type. It is much better for processing hardwood materials.

cheap small biomass pellet machine for processing various biomass wastes
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Our range of pellet machine consists of different opitons for engines run by gasoline, diesel motor, electrical motor and PTO. The pellet machine with electrical motor has various models available in the market. It has 3 power phases, and can handle loads between 60-800 kg/ hr. Our ZLSP small biomass pellet machine is a flat die mill. The compact machine looks dainty but it is power packed, allowing it to deal with dry in - dry out feed. The machine can compress and finish manufacturing pellets in a single go. It is the small pellet machine which is equipped to handle a quantity of 800 kg of wood.

Our electric pellet machine comes in two forms:

  • with fully covered electric motor, which is the type-C machine;
  • The normal one, which is the type-B.

It can process all sorts of raw materials, starting from rice hull, wood shavings, waste paper, bamboo to wood sticks. Being the leaders of bio-mass machine developers, GEMCO has also made it possible for the electric biomass pellet machine to process innumerable other bio-mass resources such as saw dust, manure, hops, wood, straw, paper, grass, etc. We also do a free run for any other material that you might have.

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Highlights of GEMCO Pellet Machines

lubrication system of gemco biomass pellet machine for sale
Designed with Lubricant Circulating System

Our ZLSP Series biomass pellet machines also come with an emergency stop button, for any situation when some thing might have gone, thereby allowing to shut down the working of the machine in the blink of an eye. This is an extremely important aspect of the machine, which sets it apart from all of its in class products. The machine is an easily movable one, thanks to the pinch rollers present in the pellet machine, which makes for its ease of access. This is mainly possible due to its small size. Usually such machinery falls under the category of heavy duty machines, where one does not get the benefit of moving it swiftly. However, with improved technology at your disposal, GEMCO provides you the best deal for your work.

Congratulations that GEMCO and KMEC are joined-ventured as ABC Machinery (Anyang Best Complete Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd)!read more