How the nutrients in poultry feed are digested and absorbed?

poultry feed production guide of nutrition formulation
How To Choose Suitable Chicken Feed Machine?

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Here in this page, let's talk about the "How the nutrients in poultry feed are digested and absorbed by chicken?". Knowing about this is can help you better design the feed formula according to digestive characteristics of the chicken. And make your poultry feed products more competitive. 

Nutrient Utilization Process Of Poultry Feed

The process by which nutrients in feed are used in poultry animals are listed below:

poultry feed digestion process
Nutrient Utilization Process Of Poultry Feed

Actually, only a few kinds of water-soluble small molecular weight compounds such as glucose, fructose, amino acids and ethanol can be absorbed by chicken immediately after eating poultry feed. The content of these compounds in ordinary feed is very small. However, starch, protein and fat, as the main components of feed, which are also the main nutrient sources of chickens, can hardly be absorbed directly. A series of digestions in the digestive tract is needed to turn these components into absorbable simple compound. After digestion, the nutrients can enter the blood and lymphatic system through the digestive tract mucosa, and be transported to various tissues and organs of the chicken for metabolism. (Related Product: Complete Production Line of Poultry Feed Mash)

The Digestibility of Nutrients in Chicken Feed

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The nutrients in poultry feed can only be absorbed and utilized by chickens after be decomposed into small molecule compounds through digestion process. The extent to which nutrients in the feed are digested by the chicken is called the digestibility of the nutrients. And it is generally expressed by digestible nutrient content (g) and nutrient digestibility (%).

  • Digestible Nutrients Content

It refers to the content of nutrients in the feed that can be digested and absorbed by chicken. The calculation method is:

Digestible Nutrients Content = Total Nutrient Ingestion - Total Nutrients in Chicken Manure
( eg: A chicken ingests 50g protein per day, and 10g is excreted from the manure, then the digestible protein content is 50g-10g=40g. )

  • Nutrients Digestibility

The calculation method is:

Nutrients Digestibility (%) = Digestible Nutrients / Total Nutrient Ingestion X 100%


Global Market Of Poultry Feed Production

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It is estimated that the global market of poultry feed production is USD 3,161.14 million in 2017. And a CAGR of over 3.91% is expected during 2018~2013. With the growing of global population, the demans of poultry egg and meat is keep raising, resulted in the booming of livestock and poultry feed processing industry. However, the high feed price restrains the development of the poultry feed.

global poultry feed market trend

Global poultry meat production is growing in countries as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Argentina, EU and Russian. The poultry industry of Argentina is increasing due to competitive feed prices and government-supported investment. The growth factor of EU and Russian is the increasing domestic demans, and that of China is the increased investment and the consumer trend from pork to poultry.

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