Fermented Soybean Meal in Poultry Feed Making Process

Fermented soybean meal is made from soybean meal using a unique strain of bacteria and fermentation process, microbial fermentation process secreted protease, so that soybean protein is broken down into small molecules of protein and small peptide molecules to improve the nutritional value of soybean meal and digestibility. 

In addition, fermentd soybean meal is one of the common used fodder mateirals not only in small feed pellet machine but also small cattle feed plant and large scale animal feed processing plant. Here in this article, let's talk about the application of fermented soybean meal in livestock and poultry feed manufacturing industry.

Fermented Soybean Meal for Animal Feed Making
Fermented Soybean Meal for Feed

In addition, fermentd soybean meal is one of the common used fodder mateirals not only in small feed pellet machine but also small cattle feed plant and large scale animal feed processing plant. Here in this article, let's talk about the application of fermented soybean meal in livestock and poultry feed manufacturing industry.

What are the characteristics of fermented soybean meal in livestock and poultry feed making processes? 

Fermented soybean meal is to increase the rate of soybean meal digestion, reduce the antinutritional factors, produced through a certain process and technology after fermentation of soybean meal. (Related Products: Grass Feed Pellet Making Machine)

Advantages of Adding Fermented Soybean Meal in poultry Feed

Fermented soybean meal has the following advantages:

  • Improve the solubility of soybean meal protein, which is conducive to digestion;
  • Reduced the protein molecular weight of soybean meal, among them, a small parts has reached the level of small peptides and even amino acids, can be directly absorbed by animals;
  • It has a certain aromatic smell and umami, has a certain effect of inducing food, and has good palatability;
  • Some polysaccharide molecules in soybean meal are decomposed in the process of intoxication, which is also beneficial for the digestion and absorption of animals. In particular, some gassy factors are also degraded by microorganisms in fermentation, which is difficult to achieve by other processes.

Indicators of Fermented Soybean Meal for Making Animal Feed

What are the indicators of high quality fermented soybean meal for making livestock and poultry feed? If you choose the use fermented soybean in your cattle feed mill or poultry feed mill. It is really a question you should know about. So let’s talk about it in details. (You maybe also interested in hay pellet maker.)

  • Antigen protein

The content of soybean antigen protein in the animal feed should be less than 2%, which will not adversely affect the growth performance of livestock and poultry animals such as chicken, cattle, pig, etc. The content of antigen protein in soybean meal was 15% on average, and the added amount of soybean meal in 1 ton of feed should not exceed 13.3%. Here is the formula for maximum amount of fermented soybean meal in feed making production:

The highest amount of fermented soybean meal in animal feed (%) = 2/G

(G is the percentage of antigen protein content in the fermented soybean meal)

ABC Machinery thinks that if remove the fermented soybean meal antigen completely and there is no other soybean meal products added, the maximum addition amount of fermented soybean meal in animal feed was 40%.

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  • Peptide

Protein molecules in soybean meal are mainly large molecules with more than 10,000 daltons. Such large molecules are not digested efficiently by proteases. However, after fermentation, most of the macromolecular proteins will be degraded into small molecules of protein, polypeptide, peptide and amino acid. ABC Machinery thinks that if the content of small peptide and free amino acid is too high, the palatability of animal feed will be affected. Small molecular proteins and peptides are easily digested and absorbed without affecting the palatability of feed, therefore, we hold the objective view on the peptide content of fermented soybean meal. There should be more than 50% of polypeptide below 10000 Dalton in crude protein of fermented soybean meal. And the small peptide content should not exceed 10% of crude protein. otherwise it will affect the cattle feed and poultry feed palatability, and will be sticky less liquid is not conducive to dry.

  • Lactic acid

ABC Machinery believes that lactic acid is one of the important indexes of soybean meal fermentation, which reflects the efficiency and process rigor of lactobacillus fermentation. Fermented soybean meal with high content of natural lactic acid can be produced by high efficiency lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic fermentation.

  • Nutrition index

ABC Machinery believes that the content of crude protein is related to the strain and process. Yeast is very helpful to improve the protein. Yeast can help increase crude protein by 3% to 7% percent through bacterial transformation. In the case of lactobacillus fermentation alone, the protein was mainly improved by drying, and the average decrease of water content by 2.1% could increase the protein by 1%. The water content of fermented soybean meal fluctuates greatly, which is closely related to the water content of raw soybean meal, generally within 12%.

Market of Fermented Soybean in Animal Feed Production

At present, fish meal as main protein source of animal feed, has been protected by by strict production limits in major producing areas such as Peru and other countries. Therefore, the search for fish meal substitutes for making cattle feed and poultry feed has become an important topic in the feed breeding industry at home and abroad. Through research, fermented soybean meal can replace plasma protein powder, fish meal and other animal feed raw materials in cattle and poultry feed processing factories, which can reduce the dependence on animal feed raw materials, reduce feed production costs.

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For example, in creep feed, the optimal addition amount of fermented soybean meal is 15%, which can reduce the addition of fish meal, plasma protein, whey powder animal source raw materials, and reduce the feed production cost of about 5%. ABC Machinery – a reliable feed processing machine manufacturer is here to remind you that in the current situation of high price of fish meal, the advantage of fermented soybean meal in livestock & poultry feed processing industry is more and more obvious. It is a kind of high protein fodder materials with a broad market prospect. Take fermented soybean into consideration when designing your poultry feed formula is a wise choice. 

In conclusion, as a high quality protein source, soybean meal has a crude protein content of 43% to 46%, consisting of worm protein, vegetable protein and fungal protein, and contains a variety of amino acids suitable for the nutritional needs of poultry and pigs. It can be used for pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and many other poultry animals. It is currently the most widely used protein raw material in the world. However, soybean meal used for animal feed is generally high temperature soybean meal, protein denaturation is more serious, poor solubility, which will affect the digestion of protein.

Therefore, more and more people choose fermented soybean meal as feed pellet additives to obtain higher profits.For more information on fermented soybean meal and animal feed pellets, please don't hesitate to contact us!



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