Biomass Pellet Boiler / Burner

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Wide Range of Fuel: Biomass materials for combustion can use local materials. The ideal fuel for this biomass water boiler is biomass pellets made from wood branches, saw dust, wood bark, wood block, wood pellets, husk, straw, rice straw, manure and other biomass wastes from wood processing industry. It is featured of low cost and wide range of biomass sources.

Biomass Pellet Water Boiler - full functions.

biomass hot water boiler - steam heating boiler
Biomass Hot-Water Steam Boiler for Sale

Delicate Design: Due to continuous innovations and improvements, the products enhance the practicality and novelty. Especially in the aspects of small size, without foundation, easy installation, beautiful appearance, soft colors, harmony with the environment, full of artistic sense.

Main Parameters of Biomass Pellet Heating Boiler

Model WQS-3 WQS-5 WQS-7
Rated heating value (Kcal/h) 30,000 50,000 70,000
Rated working pressure (MPa) Ordinary pressure
Rated supply water (℃) ≤ 85
Thermal efficiency (﹪) ≥ 90
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Hot water yield (45℃) 500-800 1000-1250 1400-1750
Boiler Water capacity(L) 50 65 108
Reference heating area (㎡) 300-400 400-500 500-700
Cold and hot water pipe diameter (DN) 50 50 50
Power of ID fan (KW) 0.37 0.37 0.55
Power of ignitor-blower (KW) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Power of ignitor (KW) 4 4 4
Power of feed conveyor (KW) 0.25 0.25 0.25
Chimney diameter (mm) 89 89 89
Dimension (mm) 1300*1200*1500 1300*1200*1500 1300*1200*1650
Full of fuel consumption (KG/h) 8 14 19
Material storage (Kg) 100 100 100
FOB cost (Shanghai port) 2680 3100 3540

Main Features

  • Applicable for wood pellet
  • Automatic operation
  • Built-in dust collector,no need to an add-on funnel, no smoke & dust
  • One day's running after one feeding
  • Delicate appearance and nice colors.
  • Create two years’ trouble-free operation
  • Easy to operate , and simple maintenance

small biomass pellet boiler

small pellet burner installation
Small Pellet Burner / Boiler Installation

For boilers under 55kw heat power, adopting with assembled high-temperature burner and a heat recovery system installed inside. As small body size and less fuel consumption, simple structure and few return stroke, the temperature at the outlet can keep around 180°C. For heat power from 80kw to 240kw, adopting with divided assembled structure, one for boiler body with high temperature burner, the other for heat recovery system individually.

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