Chicken Feed Pellet Machine for Processing Various Poultry Feed

If you are about to make your own poultry feed pellets by using chicken feed pellet machine, here is an article to guide you how to make high quality feed pellets and how to maintenance the pellet mill properly to enhance productivity and lower production cost.

Chicken feed pellet machine is also known as feed pellet mill. It is a common kind of poultry feed making machine to process feed mixture into pelleted feed according to the characteristics and habits of poultry feed. Feed pellets mainly includes soft feed pellets, hard feed pellets and expanded feed pellets. Among them the hard feed pellets are produced by flat die feed pellet machine and ring die pellet machine. 

Chicken Feed Pellet Machine for Sale

chicken feed pellet machine for processing poultry feed
Chicken Feed Pellet Machine for Sale (left: flat die type, right: ring die type)

The common pellet machines for processing poultry feed:

How to Make Feed Pellet by Chicken Feed Pellet Machine?

making chicken feed pellets for layer and broiler
Make Chicken Feed Pellets

  • Reasonable Feed Formulation: Before using chicken feed pellet machine to make pelleted diet for your poultry, you should select raw materials strictly and design feed formula scientifically.

  • Equipment Installation: Install the chicken feed machinery and connect the power.
  • Equipment Adjustment: After installation, check whether the screws in various parts are loose. Belt tightness should be moderate. Adjust the gap between the press rollers and pellet die, and the make it 0.1mm~0.3mm.
  • Running-in Process: The abradant use for running-in process is generally 5kg straw powder, 0.8kg waste oil, 0.62kg water and 2kg sand. Mix evenly, feed into the feed pellet machine and grind for about 30 minutes.
  • Safety Attentions: It is strictly prohibited to feed materials in the feeding hopper of the feed pellet machine by hand. And hard impurities such as metal blocks should be removed before pellets making process.
  • Make Feed Pellets: Feed the raw fodder mixture into the chicken feed pellet making machine. Per 100kg of dry feed mixture need to add about 3.5kg of water. Feed slowly at first. After the pelletizing process is running smoothly, fill the feed inlet for normal chicken feed production.
  • Size of the Produced Pellets: The length of feed pellets can be controlled by adjusting the position of the cutter on the outlet. The diameter depends on the size of holes in pellet die.
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Maintenance of Chicken Feed Pellet Machine

  • For new chicken feed making machine, you need to clean the machine after each use. After 15-20 times, the cleaning steps can be omitted.
  • The pellet making machine should use the supporting power according to the instructions. If the power is too small, it will result in low yield and poor effect. If exceed normal power, it will waste electric energy, rise the production cost, accelerate the machine wear and shorten the service life.
  • After processing 1000kg of chicken feed, turn the pellet die around the use the other side, so that to prolong its service life.
  • Clean the poultry feed pellet mill and add lubricating oil regularly to ensure the machine works in the best state.
  • Remove the residual feed materials in the holds of the pellet die after each use.
  • When using ring die feed pellet machine, remember to do regular check of the ring die, press roller, cutter, mixing blade, transmission belt and other quick-wear parts. Ensure in time replacement to make the chicken feed production normally and effectively.
  • Check the bolts in the pelletizing chamber of the chicken feed pellet machine to see whether the bolts and scraper are loose.
  • Check all parts of the machine for oil leakage at any time.

Maintenance of press roller and transmission parts

Bearings must be cleaned every 2 ~ 5 working days, and heat resistant grease must be added according to the instructions. The spindle should be cleaned and oiled every other month, and the gear box should be cleaned and maintained every six months. The replacement of the screw fastening of transmission part should be carried out in time. After the press roller is worn out, you can choose to replace the roller belt or change the complete set of the roller.

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