Fuel Pellet Machinery

Can process all kinds of biomass/wood materials (Straw, sawdust, coffee husk, caster shells/stalk, paddy straw...)

Can process all kinds of biomass/wood materials (Straw, sawdust, coffee husk, caster shells/stalk, paddy straw...)

Medium to large wood pellet production;
Large industrial pellet plant;
Applied to complete biomass pellet line.

Biomass Briquetting Machinery

GCBC Series Biomass Briquetting Press Machine is an improved model (Do not need to change Inner Former until input capacity exceed 1000 tons) after having continuous modifications.

Suitable to make small wood pellets and wood briquettes.(Designed with briquetting moulds and pelleting moulds.)

Consists mainly of storage bin, hydraulic pressure stand, feeding cylinder with hydraulic pressure drive, compressing cylinder, clamping cylinder at the outlet and discharge tube.

Biomass Raw Material→ Crushing → Drying → Briquetting → Carbonization → Packaging

Coal/Charcoal Powder Briquetting Machienry

Our Roller Press Briquette Machine has two types. One is "two rollers single press type" and the other is "four-roller double-pressing type".

Coal/Charcoal/Coke Material → Crushing → Feeding → Mixing → Briquetting → Drying →Packaging

Pellet Boiler/Stove

Designed for villas, small hotels, commercial clubs, and household heating demand. It owns fully automatically control system.

Best choice for stewing, stir-frying and frying. It's widely used in food-service industry, enterprises, schools, factory canteens etc.

Widely used in garment factories, dry cleaners, hotels, canteens, restaurants, mines, bean products factory and other places.

Feed Pellet Machinery

Large feed pellet mill;
Medium to large scale animal feed pellet milling process;

Materials Storage → Material Receiving → Batching → Crushing → Mixing → Pelletizing → Cooling → Bagging

Mash feed plant;
Feed premix line;
Medium to large sacle feed mash production;

Plastic Processing Pellet Mill

Based on biomass pelletization principles, the newly-developed plastic processing pellet mill ZLSLG300B is designed also according to the plastic (aluminium-plastic panel stuffing) physical characteristics of adsorbability and being fusible by heat. Enjoying the edges of easy-to-handle, high yield and low cost, it really is an optimized combination of all strong points from both roller-turned pellet mill and die-turned pellet mill.

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