Punching Type Pellet Briquette Press

punching pellet briquette press

Model GC-MBP-1000
Main parts Briquetting machine
Control cabinet
Briquette Specification Dia.:8mm, 70mm
Capacity 0.5-0.8 t/hr
Density 1000-1300kg/m3
Power of main engine 45KW
Weight 7000kg
Overall dimension Host machine: 3.4mX2mX1.8m
Control cabinet: 1.2mX0.6mX1.2m.
Number of operator 2
Installation space About 80㎡

This punching type biomass extruding press is a pelleting and briquetting all-in-one (AIO) machine, belongs to the biomass compacting and densifying equipment. This all-in-one machine can make both biomass pellets and briquettes by changing extrusion molding die.

different forming die

Production of Different Forming Die

Forming Die (Pore Size) 8mm 10mm 22mm 30mm 70mm
Hole Number 61 37 7 4 1
capacity (kg)
(Material is sawdust with moisture15%)
950 kg 900 kg 820 kg 880 kg 1200 kg

finished biomass pellets and briquettes

Punching type pellet briquette press can be widely used for making pellets and briquettes from various biomass materials after crushing, including wood scraps, saw dust, forest residues, twigs, bark, straw, rice hulls, peanut shells, cotton pole, household garbage, bamboo powder and furfural. The finished pellets and briquettes fuel after stamping forming is a kind of promising and renewable bioenergy, which can be used in both industrial boiler and home use heating stove. Biomass pellets and briquettes is the most potential alternative of fossil energy.

Advantages of This Punching Pellet Briquette Press

Compared with the existing technology, using this briquette press can enjoy many beneficial effects.
  • Convenient to disassembly and assembly. It can help reduce the cost and production cycle, and prolong the service life: One end of the push rod is cone. The cone is inserted into the connection on the slider, which can greatly improve the positionaI accuracy of the push rod and slider. Cone also has higher strength due to large surface area. It can improve the impact of the punch load, so as to prolong the service life of the push rod. Besides, the installation structure of punch pin and punch rod adopts split type, making it easy to replace the punch at any time, reducing the use cost.
  • Forced feeding; increased pressure; better stamping effect: through the feeding of two groups of screw auger at the same time, the biomass raw materials are forced into the pellet briquette machine. The forced feeding process can be regarded as pre-pressing. Besides, the core forming die is also designed with multistage diameter and necking taper. Through repetitive compacting and extruding, the biomass raw material will become stronger and harder and eventually final briquettes and pellets will come out from discharge end. Under high speed impacting and extruding, the raw materials will be heated up rapidly. The fibre in the biomass and wood materials will start softening under high temperature, and the volume will then be highly compressed.
  • High punching and compacting strength, wide raw material adaptation: The forming of biomass briquettes and pellets is affected by pressure and temperature. This punching type pelletizing and briquetting press makes the most use of the principle of crank slide block. When working, the punching speed of eccentric wheel can reach 280 beats per minute, the pressure can reach 300 tons and the temperature can reach up to 150~150℃. Thus, this pellet and briquette all-in-one press machine can process various kinds of biomass materials and ensure the briquetting effect at the same time. The strength and density of final products produced by this machine is significantly higher than other briquetting machines in the market.
mechanical stamping briquette press
Structure of Punching Birquette Press

Global Market of Pellet Briquette All-in-one Machine

Currently, most pellet and briquette all-in-one machines on the global market have the defects as below:

  • Most of them adopt cylinder shaft and cylinder hole connection type. This type of connection is not only bad for processing, but also inconvenient for installing and uninstalling. So it cannot meet the requirement of celerity disassembly and assembly. Besides, the cost is also high.
  • The stamping structure design is unreasonable. The deformation of plunger is large after working for a period of time. The quality of finished wood pellets and briquettes is not satisfied.
  • The mechanical stamping pressure is not strong enough. The density of finished products after compacting is low and easy to broken.

Our new type punching pellet briquette press overcomes the shortcomings of existing technology. It is featured of easy installation and operation, low cost, long service life, good biomass stamping effect and wide raw material adaptation.

punching pellet briquette plant
Build a Pellet Briquette Plant

  • Please send me offer for your briquette machine for 1 tph. Do You Have Other machine Of moré capacity?
  • Thanks for your attention on our products.
    Please find our offer as email attachment, please refer it,our single machine's max capacity is 1tph,if you want more capacity, we recommend a combined machines or line to you.
  • Tránks for your information. Please send me offer for once líne to 2 tph.
  • We suggest you buy two single machine i sent you in last email for 2tph capacity, because combined machine by two briquette machines,one conveyer and one distributing hopper,but the distributing hopper's price is higher than the price of a conveyer,so two single machines with conveyer is more cost-efficient to you,please check and comment.

    Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any problem.

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