Feed Pellet Machinery

fish, poultry, bird, cattle feed pellets

Pigeon Feed Poultry Feed Cattle Feed Fish Feed

Function: Specific machinery for making feeds (feed pellets & feed mash) for animals such as sheep, pig, cattle,pet, fish, hourse, chicken, poultry and other livestock.

Suitable Raw Material: Wheat, rice, corn, soya expeller, maize, sorghum, broomcorn, etc.

Small Fodder Pellet Mill >>

Aplication: Small scale fodder pellets production; Homemade/household feed pellets; Small feed pellet production on farm.

Main Feature: Flat die structure design - The key parts of the machine are flat die and roller. The feeding of flat die small feed machinery relies on materials weight and the feed stock enters into the pelleting room directly and evenly. While pelletizing, the pressure generated between the dies and rollers will force the raw materials through the holes in the pellet die. And mash materials will be pressed into regular pellet particles. It is known for the features of easy operation, greater mobility, low noise, low price, low energy consumption and relatively low productivity when compared with ring die feed mills.

motor driven feed mill Diesel Driven Feed Mill Gasoline Feed Mill
Motor Driven Feed Mill Diesel Driven Feed Mill Gasoline Feed Mill
PTO Feed Machine    
PTO Feed Machine    

Ring Die Feed Mill >>

ring die feed mill

Application: Medium to large scale animal feed pellet industry; Poultry pellet machinery; Ideal pelletizing equipment for fodder pellet line.

Main Feature: Ring die feed machinery is mainly consist of feeding device (screw feeder), hardening and tempering device (conditioner), face plate, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electrical control system. The feeding of ring die feed machine is forced into the pelleting chamber and distributed by the high speed rotary scrapers. The output capability ranges from 0.8 to 2 t/h.