Ring Die Feed Mill

Application: Large feed pellet mill; Medium to large scale animal feed pellet milling process; New developed machinery for industrial fodder pelleting.

Main Feature: Ring die feed mill is mainly consist of feeding device (screw feeder), hardening and tempering device (conditioner), face plate, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electrical control system. The feeding of ring die type feed mill is forced into the pelleting chamber and distributed by the high speed rotary scrapers. It is featured with movable, reasonable price and high output. The output capability ranges from 0.8 to 2 t/h.


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SZLH Series Large Feed Mill (Ring Die Design)

large ring die feed mill
Model Capacity Main Motor Power Feeding Motor Power Conditioner Motor Power Diameter of Ring Die Size (mm) Weight
KMPM 25 1~2 t/h 22kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 250mm 1750×650×1750 800kg
KMPM 32 2~5 t/h 22kw×2 0.75kw 2.2kw 320mm 1900×1800×1650 2000kg
KMPM 35 3~7 t/h 30kw×2 0.75kw 2.2kw 350mm 2100×2000×1850 2400kg
KMPM 42 4~10 t/h 45kw×2 1.5kw 4kw 420mm 2200×2000×2150 2900kg
KMPM 45 6~15 t/h 55kw×2 1.5kw 4kw 450mm 2300×2350×2150 3500kg

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