Roller-turned Pellet Mill

Application: Small to medium biomass pellet prodcution; Turn biomass materials into high quality fuel pellets;

Main Feature:  This series of biomass pellet mill are designed with rotable roller and fixed pellet die. The die compression ratio of this mill can be adjusted depending on characteristics of specific material. The both sides of the pellet die can be used so that the service life can be doubled. The all-steel structure and the superior reducer inside GEMCO pellet mills can deal with a variety of wood and biomass materials and will exert a better pelletization effect with lower noise during operation.

The Difference of Die-turned Pellet Mill and Roller-turned Pellet Mill Lies in the structure of die and roller.

Die-turned Typle Roller-turned Type



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small pellet mill agents recruiting

Motor-driven Pellet Mill (Model B)

biomass pellet mill Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg)
ZLSP 200B Three phase 7.5kw 80-120 215/245
ZLSP 300B Three phase 22kw 250-350 540/575
ZLSP 400B Three phase 30kw 350-450 770/810
ZLSP 420B Three phase 37kw 400-600 1100

Diesel Engine Pellet Mill (Model A)

gemco pellet mill Type Power (HP) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg)
ZLSP 200A 15HP 80-120 320/350
ZLSP 300A 36HP 250-350 850/890
ZLSP 400A 55HP 350-450 1010/1050
ZLSP 420A 62HP 400-600 1200

PTO Wood Pellet Mill (Model P)

Type Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg)
ZLSP420P (Power Take Off) 37-48kw 400-600 700
  • When building small portable pellet plant, if use roller-turned 300A or 300B biomass pellet mill, which crusher is suitable?
  • TFS450 Crusher is suggested.

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