Feed Mash Line

feed mash line
Feed Mash Line

Application: Mash feed plant; Feed premix line; Medium to large sacle feed mash production; Feed factory / cultivation factory. Widely used to make mash feed products for chicken, hourse, swine, dairy, sheep, cattle, poultry and other livestock.

Main Feature: Premix feed production line or feed mash line always adopt paddle mixer, ribbon mixer or feed mixer, batch bins. The chain driving and rigidity and design ensure long time operation without trouble. Feed mixer is widely used in compound feed plant, premix feed plant, feed machinery, additives, food and flour plants, etc with the advantages of gentle mixing, no deviation, high mixing homogeneity, beautiful shape, low noise, no dust and environmental protection.

What are mash feed, crumbles and feed pellets?

mash, crumbles and pellets

Mash, crumbles, and pellets are just different sizes of animal feed or fodder.  They are processed much the same and then screened for size and seperated into different bags. 

GEMCO Pellet / Mash Plant Projects

Domestic Projects of GEMCO Animal Feed Mash/Pellet Plant

  • Shangdu Feed Co., Ltd (Liuhe Group) (360,000 tons/year)
  • Xinzheng Yongtai Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year)
  • Shangdu Group, Longhu Keji Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year)
  • Lanzhou (Gansu) Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year)
  • Anyang Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (30,000 tons/year)
  • Taiyuan Dabei Agricultural Feed Co., Ltd (30,000 tons/year)
  • Luoyang Feed Co., Ltd (Zhengbang Group) (90,000 tons/year)
  • Tianjin Tiaozhan Feed Co., Ltd (90,000 tons/year)
  • Shangqiu Huipu Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year)
  • Weishi Lvfeng Feed Co., Ltd (60,000 tons/year)
  • Henan Longbao Feed Co., Ltd (120,000 tons/year)
  • Jinzhou Feed Co., Ltd of Liuhe Group (60,000 tons/year)
  • Shandong Yishui Zhengxiang Feed Co., Ltd  (60,000 tons/year)
  • Henan Dade Aquatic Feed Factory (Zhengzhou) (120,000 tons/year)
  • Linyi Feed Factory of Shandong Mengfa Feed Group (60,000 tons/year)
  • Shandong Weizun Feed Co., Ltd (180,000 tons/year)

Abroad Projects of GEMCO Pellet Feed and Mash Feed Plant

  • L.T.D. Caucasus Agro International; Georgia (30000 ton/year feed production)
  • Emman Farming Enterprises Limited; Zambia (90000 ton/year cattle feed mill)
  • PT Jadi Mas; Indonesia (30000 ton/year compost pellet mill)
  • Al-Taqua Co.; Egypt (30000 ton/year poultry feed mill)
  • Hum Huat (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.; Malaysia (6 ton/year mash feed plant)
  • Ngawi K.A.B.; East Jawa, Indonesia (50000 ton/year cattle feed mill line)
  • Alhassan Farms; Ghana (30000 ton/year poultry feed milling production)
  • G1 Solutions Inc.; CA, USA (90000 ton/year feed mill plant)

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