ZLSP420 Pellet Mill

Pellet Extruder Parameters

Type: ZLSP420
Driven by: Diesel, Motor, PTO
Output: 400-600kg/h
Application: Widely used for biomass pellets from wood materials, saw dust, hemp, farm residues, agricultural residues, rice husk, straw, maize straw, cornstalk, sunflower seed shell etc.

wood pellet mill for sale
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Features of ZLSP420 Wood Pellet Mill for Sale

Model  Power Size of Finished Wood Pellets
Output(kg/h)  Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
 ZLMG420B 37kW 6、8、10 400-600 1100 1630*620*1400
 ZLMG420A 46kW(62hp) 6、8、10 400-600 1200 2590*660*1400
 ZLMG420P 37-48kW 6、8、10 400-600 700 1500*850*1400

auto lubrication system
Real auto lubrication on Roller & bearings of main shaft, furthermore, the bearings works in closing room which isolate pollution on bearings &grease. All this not only save you time on maintain machine, also extend life of bearings.

Rtype pellets mill
It’s the R-type model. The material can be fed to working room vertically & smoothly under blending of roller.

flat die temperature detector
Matches the temperature detector on flat die, thus operator can know the working situation easily to adjust the feeding capacity.

two goups of holes
Adding two groups of holes on body to decrease the temperature in working room.

reducer in wood pellet mill
Adopt heavy reducer and spiral tooth gears in gear box, so this transmission system can conveying more torque and running stable.

flat die manufacturing
Modifications on the dies:

  1. We change to use the new material (42CrMo) and forging processing, vacuum hot treatment. So the life time is prolonged about 50%.
  2. Die is made by digital drilling machine, so the surface of die becomes smoother, it increase the efficiency of pelletizing.

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