Coal/Charcoal Powder Briquetting

buy the best coal / charcoal briquetter to make coal briquettes
Make Coal / Charcoal Briquettes

Function: Charcoal /  coal molding machine; Pressing charcoal, coal, coke, mineral materials into briquettes (the shape of final briquettes can be square, ball, oval, etc).

Suitable Raw Material: Charcoal powder / charcoal dust, silicomanganese alloy, coal powder, middle coal, slime peat, coke powder, lignite, desulfurization gypsum, dolomite etc.

Roll Press Charcoal Briquette Machine >>

Aplication: Small, medium and large scale coal / charcoal / mineral powder briquetting production; You can choose the suitable type depending on your output requirment.

Main Feature:  Minimum type is designed with two rollers single press; Mechanical type and hydraulic type are designed with four-roller double-pressing;

Minimum Charcoal Machine
Minimum Charcoal Machine
Mechanical Charcoal Machine
Mechanical Charcoal Machine
Hydraulic Charcoal Machine
Hydraulic Charcoal Machine

Coal Briquette Plant >>

coal briquette plant
Complete Coal Briquetting Process

Aplication: Complete coal / charcoal briquette line; Medium to large scale charcoal briquetting production.

Main Feature: A complete charcoal briquette plant generally includes raw material processing, crushing, grinding, conveying, charcoal extruding, drying and packing.


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