How to Start Your Own Briquette Press Plant at Home

The charcoal machine industry, such as the biomass briquette machine market, has played an important role in the protection of agriculture and forestry and energy. This is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving project. Building a briquette-making factory of its own not only requires less investment but also has quick results. In addition, the market for charcoal briquette is also very popular. It is the best choice for the tertiary industry in rural areas, forest areas and agricultural products processing, and is a very ideal development project.

 High quality briquette press homemade production process
High Quality Briquette Press Homemade Production Process

At present, charcoal is closely related to people's lives. In order to reduce environmental pollution, in the future development, briquette-making machine manufacturers will have broad development prospects, and the briquette-making machine industry will also become an important development industry. For the products produced by the briquette making machine, it is also called machine-made charcoal, fuel briquettes, artificial charcoal, smokeless clean charcoal, etc. The main features are high density, no pollution, high calorific value, smokeless, tasteless and flammable.So, It is recognized as a green product. The volatile matter is less than 15%, the moisture content is less than 4%, and there are basically no impurities, so it is pulverized and smokeless. The performance of the briquette making machine is mainly manifested in waste gas and waste gas treatment.

How to Start a Briquette Press Plant at home? What Equipment Required?

The briquette making machine is the key equipment for forming dry raw materials, and it is also the core part of the whole machine-made carbon production. So, what kind of briquette making equipment do we need to build a domestic briquette making factory?

Briquetting Machine Parameters
Model  GCBC
Input Raw Material Size(mm) 3-5mm
Output Capacity(kg/h) It can also be customized according to your requirements
Density of Briquettes 1.3T/m³

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

Benefits of the Briquette Press Homemade Plant

This project provides unusual benefits, as described below

  •   Due to the rising price of fossil fuels, the demand for briquettes as an economical energy source and the best alternative to heat production is also rising.
  •   Tax incentives and other incentives provided by the government
  •   As environmental protection projects do not require permits
  •   Compared with black coal, it has higher density and higher combustion efficiency.
  •   Farmers can earn income by selling waste

 Complete Briquette Press processing for your home & Business

Biomass Screw Briquette Making Plant
Biomass Screw Briquette Making Plant
Complete Set of Punching Briquette Machine
Complete Set of Punching Briquette Machine

A screw conveyor with a size of 25mm for raw materials such as sawdust, peanut shells, castor shells and all other raw materials. When using more than one material, make sure they are mixed in the right ratio. Then, materials with higher moisture content, such as greater than 10-12%, need to be dried in the sun. Besides, the material is discharged from the conveyor with the help of conveyors, pulleys and gears.
The next process is to compress. Compression increases the temperature of the material, which causes the lignin to soften. This lignin comes to the surface and binds the materials together.
The formed coal block is in the shape of a log and passes through a cooling rail under a slight pressure for cooling and transportation of storage points. The cooled coal is crushed and packed into bags or stored in bulk for shipment.

Screw Briquette Machine Installation Video Demonstration

Owning your own charcoal briquette press factory can not only get a lot of convenience, but also reap a lot of benefits. For more information about the briquette making machine, please fill in the form below, and we will provide you with satisfactory service within one working day!


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