Shisha Charcoal Making Machine

These machines are designed for making shisha charcoal briquettes. Shisha charcoal is origniated from Arabia and it is also known as hookah charcoal. Shisha charcoal is easy to light and has no smoke or harmful gas while burning. In recent years, shisha products has become more and more popular espacially in American and European Contries. The future of shisha charcoal production is bright and it is the time to invest in this field and shisha charcoal making machine now!

GEMCO is a realiable charcoal machine supplier. We offer both hydraulic and mechanical hookak charcoal making machine with reasonable price. You can easily make high quaitly shisha products from charcoal powder with this machine (sometimes, adhesives are needed). The shape, indensity and hardness of final shisha / hookah charcoal is all adjustable as you need.


XTHP Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine

shisha charcoal making machine Model XTHP
Capacity 400kg per hour
28pcs per press for Round
Compression Pressure 12 presses per minute
Biruquette Size 50mm (diameter) x 20mm (thickness)
Machine Overall Size L 7m*W 1m * H 1.8m
Weight 1400 kg

XTHP-300 Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine

charcoal making machine Model XTHP-300
Capacity 300Kg/h (dried)
Power 4+1.5+0.5 kw
Weight 1500kg
Machine Overall Size 4500*2500*700 mm

XTYP-26 Shisha Charcoal Machine

charcoal making machines Model XTYP-26
Max pressure 100kN
Dia. of Tablet 10-60mm
Thickness of Tablet 5-16 mm
Max. Production capacity 14400 tablets/hour
Moisture of charcoal dust before pressing 6%
Overall size 1100×940×1800mm
Motor 7.5kw
Main machine weight 1800kg

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