Roller Type Briquette Machine

Charcoal machine is designed for briquetting of  desulfurization gypsum powder, charcoal, coking coal, coal mud, coal ash, etc. Coal / coconut charcoal briquettes are easy to store and transport. They have advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

GEMCO Roller Press Charcoal Briquette Machine has two types. One is "two rollers single press type" and the other is "four-roller double-pressing type". Among the Four-roller Double-pressing Type, you also have two options: Mechanical Charcoal Machine and Hydraulic Charcoal Machine. Double-pressing Charcoal Briquette Machinery can supply higher pressure than commone ones and the density of final briquettes can be much higher. GEMCO Machines perform well at reducing bug dust, controlling volume and recycling.

Mechanical Charcoal Machine

Mechanical Charcoal Machines
Make Medium to Large Charcoal / Coal Ball
Model GCXM-1
Power 5.5kw
Capacity 1-2TPH
Diameter of Roller 290mm
Form of Structure 200mm
Overall Size Two rollers single press
Weight 560kg
Model GCXM-4 GCXM-6 GCXM-8
capacity 4TPH 6TPH 8TPH
Power(kw) 7.5-15 11-18.5 15-22
Speed of main shaft 18r/min 15r/min 15r/min
Type of pressure Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Material of roller 65Mn 65Mn 65Mn 9cr2Mn
Form of structure Four roller double press

Hydraulic Charcoal Machine

Hydraulic Charcoal Machines
High Pressure Charcoal / Coal Making Machine for Large Scale Production
Model GCXM-10 GCXM-15 GCXM-20 GCXM-30
capacity 10TPH 15TPH 20TPH 30TPH
Power(kw) 18.5-30 30-45 55-75 75-90
Speed of main shaft 13r/min 13r/min 13r/min 10r/min
Type of pressure Mechanical & Hydraulic Mechanical & Hydraulic Mechanical & Hydraulic Mechanical & Hydraulic
Material of roller 65Mn/9cr2Mn 65Mn/9cr2Mn 65Mn/9cr2Mn 65Mn/9cr2Mn
Form of structure Four Roller Double Press

Contact us anytime if you have any questions about this roller press briquette machine or want to know more about charcoal briquetting production such as how to build a coconut charcoal production line. You can get a quick answer in one business day!

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