Honeycomb Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Aplication: Making different kinds of honey comb shape charcoal briquettes.

Main Feature: As a top charcoal briquetting machine manufacturer in China, GEMCO Charcoal Machine is designed with different shapes of honeycomb moulds (square, round, multi-hole briquettes, quincunx shape and other customized shapes). You can make many different kinds of honeycomb charcoal / coal products by this machine. Our honeycomb charcoal briquetting machine is suitable for both small sacle charcoal briquetting and large industrial briquetting production.


Full-closed & Semi-closed Honeycomb Briquette Press

Honycomb Coal Briquetting Equipment
Model capacity Piece/min Final briquette size Weight
GC 14 50 Round shape: below Ф140
Square shape: below100×100
1950 7.5KW4pole
GC 16 50 Round shape: below Ф160
Square shape: below 100×100
2250 7.5KW 4pole
GC 180 50 Round shape: below Ф180
Square shape: below 150×150
2500 7.5KW 4pole
GC 220 24 Round shape: below Ф220
Square shape: below 100×100
3500 11KW 4pole

GEMCO is specialized in charcoal and coal briquetting for many years. For honecomb / beehive briquette machine, there are closed type (the engine is included inside the main machine) and semi-closed type (the engine is outside the main machine).
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