Agency Policy Of GEMCO

(Briquetting / Pelleting Plant Supplier)

In order to supply high-quality products (Briquetting / Pelleting Equipment & Plant) and services to more and more clients, we have been vigorously setting up cooperation relations with more agents and dealers. The goal of our development remains as follows:

We would like to establish stable cooperation partnership with regional and industrial agents to undertake selling and marketing businesses in biomass energy industry including pelleting and briquetting. We sincerely call for more clients and friends to establish the marketing strategic partnership with us and to contribute to the green and renewable energy industry together.
Thanks to extensive media and advertisement publicity, efficient sales promotion activities and across-the-board after-sales services as well as based upon the seasoned marketing and project experience and powerful support, GEMCO (Briquetting Plant / Pelleting Plant Supplier) can provide the agents with customized and highly efficient equipment and services in a timely manner as well as thorough technical support.

We have been promoting in Internet, related famous industrial media and specialized magazines, for example BIOENERGYING, not only to lay a solid foundation for advertisement and promotion for our agents but also to enhance the brand image and popularity of our products and services. Besides, we also take an active part in some influential industry exhibitions and trade fairs annually, and engage in conferences and seminars on new and state-of-the-art products as well as partake in purchasing fairs and other marketing activities.

As one of the top suppliers in China, GEMCO will further support our partners with more professional and skilled personnel. We can assign excellent personnel to give technical assistance and coordinate negotiations when agents encountered difficulties during negotiating large and medium sized project. Apart from the above, our agents will enjoy annually free-of-charge personnel trainings on product knowledge and on sales in a bid to help the agents foster a most ambitious and competitive work team. Despite the different whereabouts and time zones between you and GEMCO, we will keep same zone-distance contacts with you and offer timely services. All prospective clients and friends embracing the same dream and expectations are cordially welcome to join us. Both your support for and trust upon GEMCO are appreciated indeed. If you are determined to join us, please feel free to peruse and download here under the Provisions of the Qualification Authentication on GEMCO Agents.

Provisions of the Qualification Authentication on GEMCO Agents

  • ⅠPrerequisites on becoming an agent

1. The applicant shall be an entity possessing independent corporate capacities, fixed site for business operation and having kept business performance good and smooth over the past few years.

2. The applicant shall also hold relatively strong market development capabilities and favorably rich resources of clients and potential customers. Besides, the selective priority and preference will be given to the ones who enjoy good relevant industry relationships and customer resources.

3. Credit status of the applicant should be going well too.

4. The applicant shall undertake to abide by and stand up for a variety of marketing policies, technologies, business security regulations promulgated by GEMCO (Pelleting Plant / Briquetting Plant Supplier). And the system and policies on market management and project management shall be stringently applicable to the applicant as well.

5. The agent is entitled to get the hang of mechanical equipment and products made by GEMCO. Therefore, the agent shall be capable of assuming the responsibilities for the after-sales services work after being trained.

  • Ⅱ Procedures on becoming an agent

1. Investigations and inspections
Based upon the regulations on the aforementioned prerequisites, the applicant will be observed strictly in the following aspects: including examinations on materials of the credit capability and respectability, investigations on marketing capabilities and client resources, inspections on running status and so forth.

2. Completion of filling in the application materials
After investigations and inspections by GEMCO, the qualified applicant will be informed to receive and fill in the Agent Application Form (seen in appendix 1) and asked to provide a copy of the following materials respectively: Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Credit Rating Certificate.
3. Examinations
Upon receiving the Agent Application Form and related materials, we will conduct a thorough examination on the following aspects to the applicant: market capacity, market occupancy of the applicant in its region, marketing strength of the applicant, subsistent quantity of GEMCO agents and dealers in the applicant’s region so as to select the right one. Aside from the above, the disqualified applicants yet enjoying a considerable number of clients and smooth sales channels will be taken as middlemen to play a big role in product sales. The successful projects through middlemen will be extracted agreed commission or brokerage paid to the middlemen in accordance with regulations by GEMCO.

4. Examination, approval and authorization
Upon receiving the Agent Application Form, we will examine and verify the information and the qualified will be approved and empowered within three working days.
See the appendix 2 Sheet of Agent Qualification Examination.

5. Transaction of empowerment and formalities
Upon receiving the notification of empowerment, the applicant enterprise shall sign with GEMCO the Agency Agreement on GEMCO Products within one week. The signed and sealed agreement and protocol by both sides shall take effect and then the applicant enterprise will become an official agent or dealer and be endowed the AGENT CERTIFICATE by GEMCO.

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