ZLSP 230B Feed Mill

Feed Mill Parameters

rabbit fodder pellet machine
Type: ZLSP 230B
Driven by: Electric Motor
Power: Three phase 11
Output: 300-400 kg/h
Weight: 290/320 kg
Package Size: 1050x480x930
Application: Widely used for making cattle, rabbit, chicken, fish, poultry, forage and other kinds of animal feed pellets.

Why Choose Feed Pellet Machine for Making Rabbit Fodder?

Is there a cheaper and healthier way to feed animal? Sure, there is! You can make feed pellets by yourself. It is easier than you can imagine!

Advantages of Fodder Pellet Machine

  • To avoid Rabbits becoming picky eater. You can mix many kinds of feed materials to make the fodder comprehensive in nutrition and prevent the animal from select their favorite in powder fodder. Besides, compared with powder materials, fodder pellets are easier and cleaner to transport and feed. 8%-10% feeding loss can be reduced.
fodder, powder, mash pellets
Mash powder fodder, crumble fodder and pellet fodder, which do you prefer?
  • High return rate. In pelletizing process, there are some physical and chemical reaction because of the comprehensive effect of moisture, temperature and pressure, so that the starch in the mix materials become gelatinization and the activity of enzyme can be enhanced. In this way, the fodder will become easily digestible and the livestock or animals will easily gain weight. Compared with powder fodder, when feed livestock or poultry with fodder pellets, the return rate can increase 10%-12%.
  • Economic in storage and transportation. After pelletize, the density of fodder can increase 40%-100%, so that the storage capacity can be largely reduced and the transportation cost can be largely saved.
  • Good fluidity, easy management. Powder feed especially mash feed often adhesion in material pool. Pellet fodder has good fluidity and can prevent adhesion effectively and also make it easy to manage when using automatic feeding system.
  • Avoid the fodder grading automatically. In storage and transportation process, powder materials are very likely to become classified. This problem can be solved after pelletizing.
  • Help kill salmonella bacteria in the fodder. Salmonella can remain in the animals’ tissue. People will get Salmonella stomach disease when eat the animal which are infected with this bacteria. Processing the fodder materials through high temperature steam than then start pelleting can kill the salmonella and protect the animal from being infected.
More and more people are aware of the advantages of fodder feed and choose to feed animal with pellets. Some people prefer to buy pellets from store, but more people prefer to buy a small fodder pellet machine and make pellets at home.

Advantages of Making Fodder Pellet Yourselves

  • Can control nutrition easily by yourself.
  • Largely reduce the cost of animal feeding.
  • The animal can always eat the most fresh fodder pellets.

All these advantages make fodder pellet mill machine a perfect choice for farmers.

  • I want to buy a poultry feed pellet mill with capacity of 1 ton per hour
  • Our machine could make 2.5mm to 10mm diameter pellets depend on different Dies. Please inform us which diameter of pellet do you want to get,so as to offer you the Pellet Mill with proper Die accordingly. Further to our sales records,most of our customers chosed the 6mm Die to get 6mm diameter pellets for pig,sheep,horse food. And,if you want to get different sizes of pellets,you can purchase more additional Dies.
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