ZLSP 120Q Feed Machine

Feed Machine Parameters

fish/cattle/chicken feed machine
Type: ZLSP 120Q
Driven by: Gasoline Engine
Power: 7.5Hp
Output: 60-100 kg/h
Weight: 120/140 kg
Package Size: 900x500x730
Material: Corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, beans, leftover etc.
Application: Widely used for making poultry, cattle, cow, chicken (broiler or layer), fish, pig and other kinds of animal feed pellets.

produced fish feed pellets
Fish Feed Pellets
make chicken feed pellets
Chicken Feed Pellets
livestock cattle feed pellets
Cattle Feed Pellets

GEMCO is the brand name of the feed making machine manufactured by ABC Machinery. This feed manufacturing equipment is widely used for making fish feed, cattle feed and chicken feed. So some people also call it fish feed machine or cattle / chicken feed milling machine. Actually, it has a much wider application field such as making feed for cattle, chicken, pig, duck and many other livestock. The diameter and size of final pellets is adjustable. You can decide the size and ingredient depending on the eating habits of each animal. If you raw materials are mainly fodder grass or alfalfa hay, have a look at how to make grass pellets for feed.

small poultry feed mill machinery for sale
Details of the GEMCO Small Feed Pellet Machine

best feed machine - die
Pelle Die and Press Roller (Spare Parts)

This small animal feed machine is driven by gasoline engine. It is movable and convenient to use in the open air without electricity. Flat die feed pellet machines have small size, simple structure, low noise and are very easy to operate even if for new beginners. It is adequate for home use and individual use.

Process of Making Pellet Feed for Fish, Cattle and Chicken

make cattle/fish/chicken feed
How Fish / Cattle / Chicken Feed Pellets Are Made in Pellet Machine?

ZLSP 120Q gasoline feed machine can process powder or mash materials into pellets directly, without adding any addition. After pelleting, the feed pellets will be easier to storage, cleaner and healthier than traditional feed stuff. High temperature generated during the pelletizing process can not only kill most pathogenic microorganism and parasite, but also help increase the digestibility and absorption of nutrition contained. Read more about how to setup a small cattle & poultry feed plant >>

Start Making Your Own Livestock & Poultry Feed Pellets at Home

animal feed production
Make cattle feed, fish feed and chicken feed

The production output of feed mill is varied based on different fodder materials. The capacity of our small feed machine for personal uses ranges from 80kg/h to 450kg/h. (Detailed parameter list of our small feed machine for sale >>) The output listed in the parameter list is base on the feed formula of 65% corn / maize powder, 20% oilseed cake and 15% rice bran. 

small chicken feed making machine for home user

  • Feed Crushing:  The raw feedstuff materials, such wheat, beans, oil cake, broomcorn, maize should be crushed into small particles or powder by using grain crusher machine. 
  • Feed Mixing: Mix the feed materials according to your animal feed formula. It can be done by machine or by manual.
  • Feed Pellets Making: Put the feed mixture into the feed pellet machine to turn the powder fodder ino uniform pellets.
  • Cooling: Cool the feed pellets to room temperature and they can be used or storaged.

So if your raw materials include large particles shuch as whole grain, long fodder grass, you are suggested to buy the small crushing machine along with the feed pellet machine to make your feed pellets manufacturing process easier. Besides, you can also enjoy a lower price to buy two equipment at a time!

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Choose The Right Feed Machine Supplier

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