20 TPH Wood Pellets Plant in Vietnam

Pelletizing Material: Wood Chips
Project Location: Vietnam
Productivity: 20 Ton per Hour
Related Equipment: Log splitter, wood chipper, crusher, biomass dryer conveyor, storage bin, BPM508 Pellet Mill, pellets cooler, pellets packing machine, etc. (PS: the storage bin is got by the customer himself through local purchase). GEMCO also have storage bins for sale and we suggest that you buy all the pelletizing equipment from us, so that to ensure the performance of the whole pellet production line.

Photos of This Complete Wood Pellets Plant Project

complete wood pellets plant
Complete Pellet Production Plant

wood chips for pelleting
Wood Chips for Pelletizing

hammer mill pellet production hammer mill wood chips
Hammer Mill

drying system
Drying System

pellets cooler
Pellets Cooler Machine

This wood pellet line is equipped with 32 sets of ring die pellet mill. The capacity of each pellet mill is 1 TPH. So the maximum output is 32 ton per hour. But the customer doesn’t plan to operate this wood pellets plant at full capacity. Among all the 32 set of pellet making machines, he just plan to run 24 sets and the other 8 sets are used as standbys. That is two say, the actual productivity of this pellet plant project is 20 ton per hour.