3.6-4.5TPH Wood Pelleting Line in Morocco

Details of The Wood Pelleting Line

(Pelleting Plant Info)

★ Raw Material: local wood including wood brick, wood shavings and sawdust.
★ Euipped with 3 sets of
BPM508 ring die pellet press.
★ Output: 3.6-4.5Ton Per Hour

Photos of This Wood Pelleting Project

wood pelleting wood pellet line wood pelletizing plant
wood pellet mill plant wood pellet production line making wood pellets plant
wood pellet press line wood pelleting line wood pellet making production
large pellet production line build wood pellet line  

Basic Pelletizing Process

By wood chipper, wood brick raw materials will be made into small chips and be send to the wet bin. Then after crushing by the hammer mill, the materials will be transported to drum drier machine by conveyor. Some Wet wood shavings and sawdusts are transported to the first screener then into the drum drier. Then both of them into the dry bin. These dried materials will go through belts, screening machines, elevators and finally into the pellet machinery. When wood pellets come out of the pellet machine, they will be transported to cooler machine and then be transported to pellet silo. These pellets will be packed by Jumbo packing machine with small bag.

Advatages of The Wood Pelletizing Plant

★ This pelletizing plant is designed with dry silos, which can be used to store the material out of drum dryer. By this way, adequate pelleting mateirals can be strored for smooth pelletizing process and less manpower is needed to meet the entire line of production.

★ It adopts three cylinder drum dryer. Compared with the single cylinder roller, the volume is small when requiring the same output. Besides, tthe stove can provide sufficient heat utilization and it can meet customer requirements better.

Customer and Onsite Photos

pellet plant customer