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A pellet die in wood pelletizer is a circular ring or a flat metal plate with holes in which the roller presses the raw material under extreme pressure to produce pellets. The pellet die is driven by the pelletizer main motor.The resulting pellet size is dependent on the size of holes and the thickness of the die used.

Wood Pelletizer - Flat Die Vs Ring Die

During the process of making pellets, the pellet die and the roller work in unison.The force of the roll and contact with the die compresses the raw material thrusting out the pellets. On the other hand, feed stock is prevented from flowing through the die holes by radial force from pellet die. (Related Product: Sawdust Pellet Mill for Sale)

biomass pelletizer working process - flat die pelleting and ring die pelleting
Flat Die Pelletizing Process Vs. Ring Die Pelletizing Process

The two most widely used pellet dies for making a wood pelletizer for sale are the flat die and the ring die. The flat die has many advantages over the ring die for small scale biomass pellets production. Firstly the flat die is smaller and thus its light. Secondly, it's easily cleaned and maintained and lastly, it costs less than the ring die.However, ring die is long lasting, has low energy consumption and does not wear easily. Thus for a small pellet machine, the flat die is ideal due to its low purchase and production cost whereas a ring die is suitable for a large machine to sustain the high production needs.

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Flat Die Biomass Pelletizer Application: Small to medium biomass pellet prodcution; Small wood pelletizing business;

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Ring Die Pelletizer Application: Medium to large wood/sawdust pellet production; Large commercial pelleting process.

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Pellet Die Design

The pellet die is the most vital part of a pelletizer since it affects its overall performance. Therefore, its design should be chosen wisely. A pellet die design for a wood pelletizer for sale should meet the following conditions;

pelletizer die of flat die wood pelletizer equipment for small scale production

  • The die should be made of a non-corrosive metal such as alloy, stainless steel, and "Chrome-Plus"stainless steel.
  • The die holes’ inlet should be sunk in a conical shape for easy entry of raw material into the holes. And the inlet angle should be between 30 -40 degrees on the lower side.
  • The pellet relief depth should be set in such a way that it aids in pellet die durability while not reducing raw material flow rate.
  • The pellet die should be of ideal thickness. The thicker the die, the more durable it is and vice versa. However, the thicker the die, the lower the production rate.
  • The most effective type of die hole is a step-shaped ring die hole. It prolongs lifespan of a ring die.
  • It should have the ideal number of holes. For high productivity,the die should have more holes. However, more die holes reduce pellet strength.


A wood pelletizer for sale should have a pellet die that fulfills the above-mentioned conditions. A new pellet machine may not form pellets properly thus a customer has to trouble shoot to know the cause of this. The best way to fix pellet formation difficulties is by flushing the die.

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During the flushing process the feed stock is mixed with fine sand and plenty of oil. This mixture is recycled after it's forced out of the machine and the cycle repeated for about 10 minutes after which the machine easily form pellets. At the end of pelletizing or when the pelletizing machine is being switched off, raw material with oil should be fed to the machine to prevent feed stocks from blocking the die holes and also minimize corrosion.

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