Manure Dewatering Screw Press Machine

Making Money from Poultry Litter as Fertilizer!

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If you own a chicken farm and are getting a headache from a lot of chicken poop, this machine is really what you need! It is a high-efficient screw press dewatering machine which is designed for dehydration processing or solid-liquid separation of chicken dropping/poop and all kinds of other livestock and poultry litter/dung. So that the annoying chicken manure can be processed into marketable products and bring significant extra incomes.

After squeezing poultry litter can be separated into Solid Organic Fertilizer and Liquid Fertilizer.

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Small Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Sale

Equipment Main Structure: The small dewatering screw press machine is mainly composed of screen, screw pressing dragon, the deceleration motor, the counterweight, the unloading device.

Manure Dewatering Screw Press Machine
Cattle & Chicken Manure Dewatering Screw Press Machine for Sale at Factory Price

What Materials Can Processed by The Solid Liquid Separation Equipment?

  • Dewatering chicken manure and other kinds of animal wastes: Suitable for small-scale poultry farm or livestock farm. (hog/ poultry manure / dairy/ chicken / cattle / animal/ cow / farms / livestock / pig /goose)
  • Dewatering other kinds of wastes: Vinasse, brewer's grains, starch residue, pulp, fiber fragments, fruit slag, cocoa slag, the residue of coffee extraction. It can also be used for the slag liquid separation of high concentration organic wastewater from the abattoir.

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If you are running a middle-large scale chicken farm, we can offer complete Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line and customized business plan and project design. Just contact us now and get step-by-step guidance and suggestions.

Highlights of Our Dewatering Screw Press Machine

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  •   Large daily processing capacity, low power consumption, and suitable for continuous production.
  •   Fast Separation Speed; No Blockage Problem; Easy Cleaning.
  •   High Level of Automation; Simple Operation; Easy Maintenance. It can greatly improve the efficiency of chicken manure dehydration treatment.
  •   Small in Size and High in Efficient: It can greatly improve the efficiency of the chicken manure dehydration processing.
  •   Portable / Movable: there are wheels on all four legs to facilitate movement.
  •   Durable —— Corrosion-resistant, High-strength, and Long Service Life: The frame, screen frame, screen mesh of this series of manure drying machines are made of stainless steel after anticorrosion treatment.

The moisture content of the separated manure residue is between 50-60%, and the amount of residue and water content can be adjusted. It is convenient for transportation, and greatly reduces the cost of further drying. And the separated solids are very suitable as raw materials for fish feed and organic fertilizer. 

The Working Principle of Chicken Manure Dewatering Screw Press Machine

Cheap Chicken Manure Dewatering Screw Press Machine for sale

Main Structure of the Small Manure Dewatering Screw Press (Drying Machine)

The chicken manure dewatering process is continuous. The chicken manure water is pumped out and sent to the chicken manure processing machine by the matching non-blocking submerged pump, and then gradually pushed to the front of the machine by the screw auger. During the drying process, the pressure of the front edge of the machine is constantly increased to force the water in the poultry manure / litter to squeeze out the mesh screen under the action of the side pressure belt filter and flow out of the drain pipe.

You can control the discharging speed and the water content of the processed manure by adjusting the counterweight under the host, so that to achieve a satisfactory and optimal processing state.

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Benefits of Chicken Manure Dewatering

  • The dried manure after dewatering process is almost odorless. It has low viscosity and can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. 
  • Organic fertilizers from chicken manure not only supplement the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in the soil to enrich the organic matter in the soil, but also effectively improve the soil by overcoming the salt compaction caused by frequent fertilizer application. Organic chicken manure fertilizers have been shown to produce significantly higher yields for a wide range of crops than other fertilizers under the same growing conditions.
  • High nutrient concentration, easy decomposition, fast absorption and long duration.
  • Dewatered and fermented chicken manure is a kind of thermal fertilizer, which can promote the development of crop roots, enhance crop photosynthesis, increase the sweetness of crops, and increase yield and income.
  • The dried poultry poop is also the raw material of high-quality fish feed.
  • You can get additional incomes from the sale of organic fertilizers.
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