Complete Guide On Wood Pellets Production Process

It is known to all that biomass wood pellet fuel is a new type of combustion pellet, it is also very convenient to use, although we all know that it is mainly wood chips as raw materials, but how exactly are the wooden pellets made? The following article will provide you with a guide to wood pellet production and take you step by step to understand the production of wood pellets several crucial steps, provide technical support for your current or future wood pellet plant, and help you make more profit with wood pellets!

how to make wood pellets by cost-effective equipment
How to Make Wood Pellets by Cost-effective Equipment?

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how to start your own production line with best business plan

Several Crucial Steps Affecting The Price of Biomass Wood Pellets

What are the factors that affect the price of biomass pellets? Personally speaking, this is the vital question that we care about as biomass fuel pellet manufacturers. 

  • Capacity requirements for different biomass wood pellets

Firstly, the production of biomass fuel pellets is the factor that determines the price of biomass fuel pellets. The production of large biomass fuel pellet equipment requires a large wood pellet plant, and the corresponding price is high. If used only for domestic use or on a small scale the whole production line of biomass wood pellet mill is also less expensive and less costly and has a lower capacity.

  • Adequate Supply of Raw Materials

 The raw material of biomass wood pellet fuel is mainly sawdust, in order to ensure the normal and continuous production of fuel, it is necessary to ensure at least about 15 days of production of raw material needs. Therefore, to start your wood pellet production plant you need to stack about 500-600 tons of raw materials.

Adequate Supply of Raw Materials to Making High Quality Wood Pellets
Adequate Supply of Raw Materials to Making High Quality Wood Pellets

Pretreatment of raw materials

Sieving: The raw material is transported to the sieve machine through the screw conveyor for sieving to remove the larger wood chips or nails and other debris.

Drying:Wood chip fuel pellets have stricter requirements on the moisture content of raw materials, which are screened and then transported through hot air to the drum dryer for drying.

Cyclone separation: In the process of drying and conveying raw materials, a large amount of moisture is produced, and the moisture is discharged through the cyclone separator.

Material conveying: The raw material conveying after pretreatment needs corresponding conveying equipment, according to the need, screw conveyor, strand conveyor and elevator can be used to convey the material to the corresponding equipment.

  • Pelletizing and Forming

The wood chip pellet mill is the key equipment of the production line, which can be applied to different raw materials such as sawdust, corn straw, bean straw, cotton straw, peanut shells and so on. The density of processed wood chips burning pellets can reach 1.0-1.3 tons per cubic meter.

detail of ring die wood pellet machine
Ring Die Wood Pellet Machine For Sale
biomass wood pellet production equipment
Factory Price Biomass Wood Pellet Production Equipment
Grinding Holes For Wood Pellets Mills
Grinding Holes For Wood Pellets Mills
High Quality Bearings for Wood Pellet Mills
High Quality Bearings for Wood Pellet Mills
  • Cooling 

Discharging burning wood chips pellets with temperatures up to 80 ~ 90°C, the structure is more relaxed and easily broken, they must be cooled to room temperature by a counter flow cooling system before they can be bagged into storage or fed by belt conveyor into silos and elevators. The equipment is equipped with cooling fans and cyclone separators that return the separated powder to the previous process for re-pelletizing

  • Vibrating screen for pellet screening 

After the pellet fuel is cooled and screened using a vibrating screen, screening is required to screen out the crushed material to ensure the quality of the wood chip burning pellets. After sieving out the crushed material, it is returned to the previous process for re-pelletizing.

Wood pellet mill production processing Video

Investment  Analysis: What about the global market for biomass wood pellets

The combustion of wood pellet fuel is the combustion of raw materials processed into solid fuel. By controlling the production process and production steps, the combustion process does not produce smoke and dust and does not pollute the atmosphere. "Recyclability" and "environmental protection". 

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global market map of biomass wood pellets 
Global Market Map of Biomass Wood Pellets

The wood pellet energy fuel is produced in the harmless and resourceful process of agriculture, forestry and urban and rural organic waste; all the living materials of biomass energy fuel can enter the biological cycle of the earth, and even the released carbon dioxide will be reabsorbed by plants and participate in the earth's cycle, so as to achieve zero emission. The material sustainability and recyclability of resources is a modern advanced production model. Therefore, the future of wood pellets is very optimistic.

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