The Feasibility of Developing Biomass Pellet Fuel

Part 1. Significance of Developing Biomass Pellet Fuel

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The energy problem is one of the decisive factors that affect social and economic development, solve the energy problem is solved the question of the motive forces of the economic development. Conventional energy supply tension in our country has seriously affected the rapid development of social economy, and the mass concentration of fossil energy use, release a large number of materials such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, harm to human survival environment. For this country has issued a "renewable energy law to strengthen the development of renewable energy technology research. Biomass energy as the fourth power resources, occupies an important position in the renewable energy. Development of biomass energy can supplement the shortage of conventional energy, also has the significant environmental benefits. Compared with other biomass energy technology, biomass pellet fuel technologies are easier to implement mass production and use, use the convenience of biomass granule can be comparable to gas, fuel and other energy. So, the use of biomass pellet fuel density molding equipment production project in line with national industrial policy, has good economic and social benefits.

Part 2. The Pelletizing Principle and Main Equipment

Biomass raw materials containing cellulose, hemicellulose, and wood main element. Because structure is loose, density is small, when the external force, the raw material will rearrange the location, mechanical deformation, plastic deformation stage, the elastic and viscoelastic cellulose molecules between winding and twisted, volume was reduced, the density increases.

1. The bucket elevator

In this project at the entrance of the pellet machine, particles at the exit of the machine before packing must have material conveying equipment, we according to the characteristics of the material and process characteristics, choose the bucket elevator. Bucket elevator machine has the cross sectional area is small, cover an area of an area small, transport system layout is compact, hoisting height is big, good sealing, etc.

2. The counterflow cooler

Squeeze out the temperature of the particles in 55 ℃ to 65 ℃, so in front of the packaging must be dry and cool. According to the characteristics of the larger particles, using the counterflow cooler, it mainly cold wind through the surface of material, in order to achieve the purpose of drying and cooling. Material in the process of cooling, in static state, the need to pay attention to the choice of air as opposed to a material flow direction, in order to achieve the effect of the cooling uniformity.

3. Biofuels pellet machine

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The biomass fuel pellet machine is the core of equipment system, its technical performance fit and unfit quality directly affects the whole system. Through on the relationship between the molding pressure and density of pellet fuel and normal temperature conditions, the researches on the mechanism of the density forming types according to different raw materials we choose different ring die parameters, thus can obtain the high density of pellet fuel of low energy consumption of the molding conditions.

Part 3. The Feasibility of Resource Conditions

Our country is an agricultural country, there are many kinds of crops, and the number is larger. Rice, corn and wheat are the three main crops, the production of waste material, straw is one of the main biomass energy in China. Total annual output of 604 million tons of crops straw, about 15%, or 091 million tons of straw returning is used to direct ZaoFei; 25%, or 151 million tons of straw as feed; About 9%, or 054 million tons of straw was used as industrial raw material. In addition, about 51%, or 308 million tons of crops straw can be used as energy use, including 190 million tons of crops straw were farmers in direct combustion water for cooking and heating furnace, the rest of about 120 million tons of abandoned in the fields or burned directly in the field, not only waste the resources, have seriously polluted the environment. In addition, the national forestry industrial wood residue number is about 40 million cubic meters; The number of paper industry in the production of wood residue is about 10000 cubic meters; Bagasse production capacity of about 40 million tons, most of the leftovers in the industry become a waste, become the environmental burden.
Therefore, conditional enterprise or individual can make use of the advantage of abundant raw materials, low prices, engaged in biomass pellet fuel production and development.

Part 4. Biomass Pellet Fuel Product Characteristics and Uses

Biomass pellet fuel is used under the conditions of the pressure roller and ring die of sawdust, straw and other raw materials caused by extruding. The density of raw material, generally about 130 kilograms/stere, forming of the grain density is more than 1100 kilograms/stere, transportation, storage is extremely convenient, at the same time, the fuel performance greatly improved.

The pellet fuel use

  • Low heating and civil life can use; High combustion efficiency, easy to store.
  • Low biomass industrial boiler; As the main fuel of industrial boilers, coal-fired, solve the environmental pollution.
  • Low power: can be used as the fuel of thermal power generation.

The performance of the biomass pellet fuel

Calorific value> 4000 kcal/kg
Density > 1.1 t/m3
appearance Pale yellow cylindrical 6 mm
Ash content < = 1.1%
Moisture < = 8%
The burning rate > = 95%
Thermal efficiency is > = 81%
Smoke blackening (salinger mann) < 1
Dirt concentration < = 80 mg/m3

Part 5. Market Profile

Wood particles of small package in the us market price is $400 / ton, delivery price is $400 / ton in Sweden; Bulk of the wood particles in fob Amsterdam is $300 / ton. Pellet fuel market in China is still not perfect, dalian wood particles retail price of 550 yuan/ton. National development and reform commission (NDRC) straw briquette fuel development plan is put forward, in the 2010 years ago, combined to solve the basic rural energy needs and changing the mode of rural energy, carry out application demonstration site construction of biomass pellet fuel pellet fuel consumption, 5 million tons, 3 million tons of coal instead of. By 2020, making biomass pellet fuel used widely in a high quality fuel. Instead of pellet fuel consumption of 50 million tons, 50 million tons of coal.

Part 6. The Conclusion

In the national eleventh five-year plan outline clearly put forward "expand the biomass solid formed fuel production capacity". National policies and industry development planning for the popularization and application of biological pellet fuel equipment a huge boost. Therefore, the development and production material pellet fuel can obtain good economic and social benefits, is a reasonably good projects.

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