How to Make Palm Shell Pellets?

According to the requirements of our customers in Malaysia, we offer the solution to palm shell or palm fiber pelletizing production.

How to Make Palm Shell Pellets?

palm shell
palm shell to pellets

Process 01: Chipping

Palm shell is hard and large with high humidity. So a specific palm shell chipper is needed.
The feed port is a large storage silo, making it capable of dumping in 10tons palm shell one-time by truck. The storage silo adopts sunken structure design with conveyor mounted at the bottom. Through the conveyor, the palm shell can be send to the entrance of chipping system. During chipping process, palm juice will flow out. Drain the juice to oil-water separator through a pipe.
Process 02: Crushing

The palm shell has become 3-5cm small pieces after chipping. Now, a crusher is needed to make these small pieces into palm slag. Assuming that the productivity is 10 tons palm shell per hour, 3 units of crusher or grinder is needed. The process of material feeding and distributing is automatic. The feeding and distributing speed adjustment is also automatic. No human needed.
Process 03: Dehydrating

The humidity of palm shell can reach 65%. The moisture content is too high. If dry them directly, the cost is too big. So it is suggested to dry it to about 40% moisture content by physical methods. If processing 10 tons palm slag per hour, 7 units of extruding-desiccation machine is needed. Compared with direct drying, physical extrusion method is much more economical.
Process 04: Drying

Dry the dehydrated palm slag. Reduce the moisture content from 40% to about 20% by a dryer. Then, they are ready for making pellets.
Process 05: Pelleting

palm shell pellets
Palm Shell / Palm Fiber Pellets

wood pellet press
Palm Shell Pellet Machine (Ring Die)

Palm shell pellet machine is needed. You can use multiple ring die pellet machines to achieve high productivity. In the pelletizing process, parts of water will loss because of friction. So the moisture of final palm shell pellets is around 15%.

Process 06: Oil and Water Separation

The palm juice produced in process one to three contains a small amount of vegetable oil. If release it out directly, the environment will be polluted. So it is necessary to go through oil-water separation process to isolate the oil from the palm juice and discharge the waste water outside the factory.

EFB Pellet Production Projects

1.5 Ton EFB Pellet Line

efb pellet line

4-5 Tons EFB (Palm Fiber) Pellet Production Line

efb pellet production line

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