Multiple Application of Straw

In China, there is a proverb says that “One ton crop, one ton straw”. It means to say that half of the crop products are grain, half are straw. In the past years, straw is seen as agricultural waste which is useless and general ends in burning directly. Actually, straw is a kind of misplaced resource which is rich in energy. Two tons of straw is equivalent to one ton of standard coal. And it is quite necessary to make the most of these abundant straw resources.

What can straw do?

Straw can be used for making five products: fertilizer, animal feed, biofuel (make straw pellets and straw briquettes), base stock and raw material for papermaking industry. Straw fertilizer can increase the soil fertility. Straw fodder products are suitable to feed all kinds of livestock. Straw pellets and straw briquettes are getting more and more popular as a kind of biomass fuel. Take China for example, the straw utilize situation in 2013 is: 26.4% for fertilizer, 27.8% for animal feed, 13.6% for biomass fuel production, 2.9% for base stock and 4.2% for papermaking industry.



 With the development of straw pellet machine and straw brick making machine, the utilization proportion of biomass fuel is increasing rapidly in recent years.

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