• What is pellet mill?
    Pellet mill, also known as pellet press, granulator, pellet machine, pelletizer and pellet making machine, is a type of machine used to make pellets from powdered material. Unlike grinding mills which break large materials into small pieces, pellet mills combine small particles into a large, homogeneous mass. Pellet mill can be used in the production of animal feed, fuel pellets and wood pellets etc.
  • How big is a pellet making machine?
    Pellet making machines are available in from 7.5kw to 30kw.
  • What’s the material of pellet making?
    Biomass wastes, animal wastes and agricultural wastes. For example: sawdust / plastic / wheat / wood / barley and cotton.
  • What is the cost of pellet machine?
    The price varies among different type, capacity, and specific requirements. Especially the shipping price depends on custom situations! Also the price is floating, so we recommend you to contact us freely for latest price and shipping costs!
  • The water content of my raw material is up to 60%, what's the best way to dry this high moisture materials?
    For high moisture biomass materials, roller dryer are recomended.
  • Which kind of dryer is suitable for small pellet plant?
    GEMCO 350 Dryer Machine (fan power: 11kW)
  • Can hydraulic briquette machine process charcoal or coal powder?
    Yes, but you need to add 50% sawdust or rice husk.