Columbia Customer Visit for Pelletizing Making Equipment

Mario Galindo is one of our old customers from Columbia. He came visit our company again on October 27, 2012. This time, he is interested in buying stand-alone wood pelletizing making equipment. The pelletizing performance and pelleting result satisfied him. Fuel pellet machines for sale >>

 pelletizing making equipment factory

Visit GEMCO pelletizing equipment factory.

pelletizing maker workshop

Our salesmen are showing the details of ZLSP 400B pellet making equipment to Mario Galindo.

discussing pelletizing making equipment

Talking about details of wood pelletizing making equipment and had a further discussion on pellet making projects.

discussing wood pelletizing making equipment

Negotiating on details of purchasing

discussing pelletizing making equipment details

Ours salesman is introducing our wood pelletizing making equipment to Mario.

customer visit from Columbia


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