Crop Stalks Pelletizing Press Machine

straw pelletsAs the name suggests, Crop Stalks Pelletizing Press Machine is a kind of specific equipment for making biomass pellets from crop stalks. It is also known as straw pellet mill machine. Crop stalk pellet press machine can make the most of agricultural straw wastes into high profit fuel pellets or fodder pellets. Crop stalk pellets are convenient to use, energy saving and the most important, friendly to the environment. These biomass pellets are really renewable energy sources. Saw Dust Pellet Press for Sale >>

Small pelletizing press machine is very suitable for families, self-employed entrepreneurs and famers. It is designed based on traditional pellet presses. After the improvement, the structure of the machine is more reasonable, the operation is easier and safer and the price is much more affordable for individuals. Besides, with compact inner design, crop stalk pelletizing press machine is smaller in size and it largely reduce the occupied area.

Crop Stalk / Straw Pelleting Press for Sale

straw pelleting press
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Many people have doubts that what can crop straw be used for? Some people even choose to burn the straw directly on farm. Actually, burning straw is the worst thing to do. Not only city residents will suffer from the burning smoke, but also the government will worry about the air pollution problem. The burning smoke can influence the smooth of the traffic and even the taking off and landing of aircraft. On the contrary, if the straw or crop stalks are made into biomass fuel pellets, they can be great alternative of coal and charcoal. For famers, crop stalk pellets can be used for cooking and warming. Besides, burning crop stalk pellets can also largely reduce air pollution. In addition, straw pellets can also be used in power plant.

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